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Community News Three athletes earn top honours at fall awards

Three athletes earn top honours at fall awards

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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

 A trio of Trinity College School athletes earned Distinction, the School’s top sports award, at the Fall Athletic Awards held in the Dick and Jane LeVan Theatre the evening of Friday, November 18th. Distinction reflects not only a high level of performance, but also recognizes Senior School athletes who are leading ambassadors for the School. Earning this award were Bigside field hockey player Taylor Herrington (Grade 11) and Bigside football players Connor Picco (Grade 11) and Kadeem Campbell (Grade 12).

A total of 34 athletes were honoured with Bigside ties recognizing the completion of a student’s third season on a Bigside team during his or her career at TCS. Ties were presented to Grade 10 students Liv Hodder and Stephanie Kingsley; Grade 11 students Rachel Butler, Cameron Fong, Bryson Guenette, Delaney Keiper, Brady Kleinschroth, William Langford, Navin Mahabir, Calum MacCoubrey, Haidyn Picco, Cal Quantrill, Chelsea Ripley, Jan-Henry Sanders, Luke Simurda, Matthew Sirois, Michelle Sprackman, Nolan Thompson, Idy Udoeyop, Liz Vasilkovs and Sara Vaughan; and Grade 12 students Imani Bawa, Emily Bradeen, Cameron Byers, Guillaume Ferrier Llamas, Lauren Huxtable, Makani Joinville, Lauren Pereira, Melissa Pereira, Sophie Richer La Fleche, Sydney Ro, Jacqui Smith, Katie Stevenson and Jan Wittlinger.

Other awards presented include:

Boys Football
Jamie Eaton Cup (Littleside leadership): Patrick Colquhoun (Grade 10), Avery Baker (Grade 10)
E.J.M. Huycke Trophy (Littleside MVP): David Lehmann (Grade 10)
Art MacDonald Trophy (Littleside top lineman): Jack Curtis (Grade 10)
Manager Award (Littleside): Alexis Baba (Grade 10)
Dr. Orchard Trophy (Bigside most improved): Makani Joinville (Grade 12)
Symons Trophy (Bigside leadership): David Taylor (Grade 12), Kadeem Campbell (Grade 12), Connor Picco (Grade 11)
A.M. Campbell Award (keenness & dedication): David Taylor (Grade 12), Duncan Brady (Grade 12)
J.W. Kerr Trophy (Bigside MVP): Kadeem Campbell (Grade 12)
Coaches Cup (Bigside defense): Connor Picco (Grade 11)
Osuszek Trophy (Bigside lineman): Mackenzie George (Grade 11)

Boys Soccer
Tim Hay Trophy (Littleside coaches award): Ima Fernandez (Grade 9)
Manager Award (Littleside): Sam Stock (Grade 10), Clara Detlefsen (Grade 10)
Pinkerton Trophy (Bigside leadership): Henry Cranfield (Grade 12), Jonas Koch (Grade 12)
Paterson Trophy (Bigside MVP): Henry Cranfield (Grade 12), Jonas Koch (Grade 12)
Manager Award (Bigside): Kate Jones (Grade 12), Carly Picov (Grade 12)

Boys Volleyball
Brad Smith Trophy (Bigside MVP): Reilly Reed (Grade 11)
Ross Holt Trophy (Bigside leadership): Joel Chudleigh (Grade 12), Adam Higa (Grade 12)

Girls Basketball
Coaches Award (Littleside): Tory Pearson (Grade 10), Lauren McCartney (Grade 10)
McMillan Cup (Bigside spirit): Alexa Kruyt (Grade 12)
Darcie Crowe Trophy (Bigside leadership): Emma Molson (Grade 12), Lauren Huxtable (Grade 12)
Louise Willis Trophy (Bigside MVP): Carolyn Smith (Grade 12)
Manager Award (Bigside): Alea Cullen (Grade 11)

Girls Field Hockey
Coaches Award (Littleside MVP): Andrea Hotte (Grade 10)
Coaches Award (Littleside most improved): Jenna Traugott (Grade 9), Emma Burns (Grade 9)
Bridget Kerin Trophy (Middleside MVP): Ainsleigh Huls (Grade 10)
Middleside Field Hockey Trophy (most improved): Jordan Higa (Grade 10), Magda Reckendrees (Grade 11)
Ness-Tarasick Trophy (Bigside most improved): Marie Duguay (Grade 12), Ali Davies (Grade 11)
Anikka Foster Trophy (Bigside leadership): Julianne Bruce (Grade 12), Taylor Herrington (Grade 11)
Ellis-Paquet Trophy (Bigside MVP): Taylor Herrington (Grade 11), Emilie Arbour (Grade 11)
Manager Award (Bigside): Anna Glassco (Grade 11)

Adrian Smith Trophy (top Midget runner): Ali Parke (Grade 9), Oliver Blecher (Grade 9)
T.W. Lawson Trophy (top Senior runner): Carly Ramsay (Grade 11), Lucas Marx (Grade 11)
Jonathan Buchanan Trophy (Senior most improved): Catherine McDonald (Grade 11)
Rodger Wright Trophy (Senior leadership): Zack Chauvin (Grade 11)

Click here for more photos from the event.

Click here for a compilation video from the fall term in sports.


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