Senior School Athletics


Trinity College School has a long tradition of school spirit and good sportsmanship. Of this we are very proud. In sports, as in all our activities, we focus on being true to your own best self and demonstrating respect for the rights of others. In addition to our health & physical education curriculum, we offer both competitive and recreational co-curricular athletic programmes as a mean of promoting leadership, goal-setting, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle

Recreational Athletics
The TCS athletic department offers a recreational programme which provides all students the opportunity to take part in physical activity in a non-competitive environment. The fall and spring term programme consists of a mixture of intramural indoor and outdoor activities, fitness training and pool activities. The winter term includes recreational skiing and snowboarding, pool activities and some outdoor fun and games. Intramurals scheduled for each term depend on the interests of those students involved.

Competitive Athletics
Students have the opportunity to try out for one of our competitive athletic teams. We offer 19 different interschool sports and field 52 competitive teams.


Badminton - Co-ed (Spring)
Held during the spring term, our Bigside competitive badminton programme is co-educational. The team consists of three singles players and two doubles pairs. Approximately five additional players round out the team and are often able to compete in doubles matches to improve their skills. Both experienced and novice badminton players from all grades are encouraged to try-out for the team. All players will have the opportunity to compete on behalf of the School during the regular season. The top seven athletes will be chosen to compete at the CISAA league tournament held at Humber College at the end of the season.


Baseball - Boys  (Spring)
In its 14th season of existence in the spring of 2011, TCS baseball is now a force to be reckoned with in the CISAA league. The hurdles of defeating St. Michael’s and Upper Canada College have been cleared in the past few seasons. The programme is blessed with a top-notch field adjacent to our campus which is available for daily practice sessions. With an indoor practice facility in use from late March, the programme is able to get off and running before most of the competition. Several graduates of the baseball programme have gone on to play university baseball in the Canadian Interuniversity Sport system.


Basketball - Boys (Winter)

The Bigside Boys' basketball team is a competitive team that sets it sights on qualifying for the OFSAA “A” Championships. The team plays in the CISAA league and it regularly competes against the top independent schools in the province. The team’s schedule is typically rounded out with a number of tournaments and exhibition games, and a full schedule consists of 25 to 30 games. The programme focuses on strong defensive play and disciplined offence. Those who graduate from the team leave with a better understanding of the game and a sense of accomplishment.

The Under 16 Boys basketball programme is the developmental team for the Bigside programme. The team plays mostly against other independent schools in 10 league games. The philosophy of the team is to improve individual skills within the team setting while fielding a competitive team. Dedication and hard work are the corner stones of the team.

Basketball - Girls (Fall)

The Bigside Girls’ basketball team comprises 12 to 15 highly dedicated and talented student athletes who excel at the challenges presented to them. The team is highly competitive and it is frequently one of the top teams in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA). The Bigside Girls are also regularly in contention for a spot at the OFSAA “A” championships. By season’s end, it is not unusual to have played over 20 games, and participated in 3 or 4 tournaments.

The Under 16 Girls Basketball programme really has three main goals. Firstly, we want to provide the girls with a fundamental base in both individual and team basketball skills. Secondly, we want to prepare girls for participation on the Bigside team by running similar offensive and defensive sets. Finally, we want to instill a love for the game that will stay with the girls even after graduation from TCS.


Cricket - Co-ed (Spring)

Cricket has a long and distinguished history here at Trinity College School as its more than one hundred year span would indicate. In fact, TCS has been meeting its arch-rival, Upper Canada College, on the pitch since 1867, making it one of the three oldest annual fixtures in the history of North America. If tradition attracts you, there is no more established sport at this school.

At present, Trinity College School fields two competitive teams at different skill levels. The Second Eleven is comprised of a co-educational mixture of players at a skill level somewhat below that of the Bigside level. This team practices on its own pitch or in the School's outdoor practice nets six days a week, but only if no matches are scheduled. Usually, a match will be played every Wednesday and Saturday, but if no opposition is available from one of the other independent schools in the region, a "friendly" intramural match is started. The First Eleven, comprised of the School's top players regardless of age, is scheduled to play ten or twelve matches this year against other independent schools or local men's clubs. Similar to the junior team, they play or practice six days a week.

The School possesses a wide and functional range of equipment and facilities to promote the growth of our players' potentials. Each team is allotted a complete set of batting and wicket-keeping equipment. Three permanent batting nets on an artificial surface are used regularly for batting practice, and an adjustable bowling machine (medium pace to lightning quick) is always available. A wooden cradle is a favourite for practicing catches in the slips as well. Finally, you should know that matches do not take place on grass wickets, simply because they are not a feasible option in this climate with such a limited cricket season. Instead, we have found that the truest possible pitch is one that consists of a heavily rolled grass wicket covered with a matting. The matting absorbs unfair inconsistencies in the pitch and even grabs the spin imparted by a bowler.

Cricket is alive and well here, especially considering that we have made the finals for the past five seasons, and walked away with the championship on three of those occasions.

This team provides an introduction to the game of cricket and also offers students who know the game an opportunity to play it at a less competitive level than the Bigside team. It is a true co-educational team which plays against teams in the ISSA league and teams from the Toronto area. The team is comprised of about 15 players, a scorer and a manager. Anyone who is interested in learning about this incredible sport is welcome to join us in the spring term.

Field Hockey

Field Hockey - Girls (Fall)

At the advanced or Bigside level in field hockey, players work towards improving fitness and game skills - and have a lot of fun in the process! Practices are five times weekly and there are usually two games scheduled per week. While we compete in the CISAA league, we try as often as possible to participate in open invitational tournaments.

As most students enter TCS with no experience playing this fun game, almost everyone has an equal chance of making the team! Students who have played ice hockey and/or soccer find that many of the skills are transferable; a student who is willing to work hard to learn the skills and strategies soon discovers a real passion for this sport. By the end of the season, our team is very competitive (having won the CISSA Championship every year for the past five years!)


Football - Boys (Fall)

Trinity College School is very proud of its history and tradition of football. Although the team strives to win, its main overriding goal is to instill a love of the game and a love of competition in its players. Over the years, many TCS football players have gone on to play at the university level both in Canada and the U.S., as well as in the CFL. Equally as many players have enjoyed playing simply for love of the game. The team is made up of players with a wide range of playing levels; no previous experience is necessary. The Bigside team has had great success in the recent past, winning numerous league championships, most recently in 2009. All coaches are certified to Level 2 in the National Coaching Certification Program. Our coaching staff has worked together for many years and has been involved with university training camps and football camps across the country.

This team is open to all boys in the Senior School who will not yet turn 16 by December 31st of their current school year. We realize that most people who enter TCS have never played organized football, and so we teach them the rules, fundamentals and spirit of football. In a typical season, we have about 35 players on the team, and five league games followed by two weeks of playoffs. Football is the ultimate team game, and Littleside football is about as fun as it gets.


Golf - Co-ed (Spring)
The sport of golf at TCS is made up of three teams: a girls' team, and a junior and a senior boys' team. About 30 students participate yearly, either in the intramural programme or on the travelling team. All golfers play out of the Port Hope Golf and Country Club. TCS competes in the Independent School (CISAA) Tour on Wednesdays, beginning in mid-April, and typically practises three times weekly. The CISAA tour consists of five tournaments, each of which is hosted by an independent school in Ontario at some of the top courses in the province. The average field size of the three divisions combined is 200, with approximately 14 schools participating at each tournament. Competition is team-based, counting total gross scores of the top four team members in each division. The standings are determined by points that are awarded to the top eight teams in each event. The CISAA championship involves the top eight teams in the standings after the fourth tourney. Champions at that event go on to OFSAA in the fall.


Harriers - Co-ed (Fall)
The Harrier programme usually attracts a good number of runners - up to 70 or so! Not all of these runners are competitive; although we require all team members to run in our races, speed is not a requirement, and those who wish to run at a comfortable pace are encouraged to do so. We try to have full teams (i.e. at least 4 members) in each of the six divisions: Midget (Under 15) Girls and Boys, Junior (Under 17) Girls and Boys, and Senior (Under 20) Girls and Boys. The race schedule usually includes our own invitational race in mid-September, the Kawartha District and Central Ontario (COSSA) championships, and an occasional other invitational meet. A small number of runners sometimes qualify for the provincial championships (OFSAA), and we encourage our best runners to accept this as their season's goal. While it is exciting to have excellent competitive runners on the team, we feel that the main objectives are healthy exercise, the enjoyment of running as a potential life-long activity, and as much fun as can be combined with the necessary hard work.


Hockey - Boys (Winter)

The Bigside Boys hockey team has a strong tradition of competing among the best high school hockey programmes in the province. The team hosts two tournaments during the season with the International Invitational Hockey Tournament being one of the highlights of the Winter Sports Term. The programme aims to develop talented hockey players to be able to step into college and university programmes with a firm background in skills and team play. Practicing three time per week in our own arena on campus, Bigside plays a league schedule of fifteen games as well as a number of tournaments and exhibition matches.

The Littleside hockey season runs from early November until early March. The team plays in exhibition tournaments and games and in the CISAA Under-16 Hockey League. Players on this competitive team benefit from being on ice four days each week. Individual skill development and improved team play are annual goals for players and coaches, alike.

Hockey – Girls (Winter)

Girls have been playing hockey at Trinity College School since 1995. Over the past eight years, the senior girls hockey team has quickly become one of the best high school programmes in Canada. The goal of our hockey programme is to prepare young women for playing hockey at university, and hopefully, beyond. We want to ensure that our players have the skills it takes to play at the next level and therefore focus on developing their individual skills, team skills and a mental toughness that are required both offensively and defensively.

Our Bigside, or Varsity, girls’ hockey team plays in two leagues. The Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) league is made up of independent schools from across Ontario, currently including seven Division I teams, in which we play a home and home league schedule plus playoffs. In 2005-2006, we also joined the North American Prep Hockey Association (NAPHA). This league is comprised of 10 teams from across Canada and the United States (including Gilmour Academy (Cleveland, OH), Kuper Academy (Kirkland, PQ), Northwood School (Lake Placid, NY), Wyoming Seminary (Kingston, PA), Nichols School (Buffalo, NY), Ridley College (St. Catharines, ON), Rothesay Netherwood School (Rothesay, NB), Stanstead College (Stanstead, PQ) and Trinity College School), and includes a total of 13 games plus playoffs next season. We supplement the league schedule with exhibition games as well as four or five tournaments for a total of 40-45 games each season. Our tournament schedule from year to year includes Deerfield Academy, MA; Lake Placid, NY; Phillips Exeter Academy, NH as well as our own International Invitational which attracts many of the top prep and club teams in North America.

The team also has had the good fortune to represent the CISAA at the Ontario High School Championships on three occasions, finishing fourth in the province in 2006-2007, and winning a silver medal at the 2007-2008 provincial tournament.

We benefit from having our own rink on campus and each team has a dedicated dressing room with individual compartments for players to store equipment for the season. We usually practice three or four times per week in 1.5 hour sessions. Our programme provides significant exposure to U.S. and Canadian college and university scouts which is paramount to players planning to continue their careers beyond high school. It is our aim, as educators and coaches, to prepare our players to step into a university hockey programme upon graduation from TCS.

Our Middleside, or Junior varsity, girls team is a developmental team and a springboard to playing at the Bigside level. Normally the team practices twice each week and plays one or two games. The programme is committed to improving the skills of all of our players both during practices and games and to help each player reach her full potential. The Middleside team plays in the CISAA Tier II loop against many other schools’ first, or varsity, teams. A slate of tournament and exhibition games provides the team with approximately 20-25 games per season.


Rowing - Co-ed (Spring)
The Learn-to-Row programme at TCS teaches students the basics and technical skills required for rowing at the competitive level while introducing them to the sense of community of a rowing team. It is the aim of the Learn-to-Row programme that athletes will have mastered the skills necessary for racing by the end of the season, enabling them to participate in competitive rowing in the future.

The competitive programme focuses largely on technical skills and emphasizes the importance of commitment to a crew and to the team as a whole as well as the fun associated with being part of a team. The School's relatively new boats consist of a single, a double, a pair, two four + boats, a quad, and 3 eights. Rowers use lightweight hatchet blades.


Rugby - Boys (Spring)

Bigside boys rugby plays in the tier 1 Independent Schools Rugby League. This is a very competitive league and TCS is always up to the standard of the best teams. There has been a strong tradition of rugby at TCS going back many years. The past season was one of our strongest ever as the team made the final of the Canadian Independent Schools Tournament, won every game of the CISAA championships and then placed fifth at the all-Ontario championships. TCS maintains a strong programme by fielding a second senior team and an Under-16 team. A senior squad goes on tour every second year. The tours have mostly been to the United Kingdom, but last year the team went to South Africa, an ambitious undertaking that was successful both on and off the field.

The Middleside rugby team has traditionally been one of the most spirited teams at the School. TCS is unique in that we are the only independent school that still offers two senior teams. The Middleside team plays in the very competitive tier-2 CISAA league where the competition is against other schools’ first teams. TCS’s rugby programme is much stronger for having two teams, with the Middleside team often offering newcomers to the game a season to develop before moving up to the Bigside level.

Rugby - Girls (Spring)

Bigside girls rugby is a well-established and popular spring choice for our female athletes, providing students with a competitive setting in which to improve their understanding and skills within the game of rugby. Athletes at this level will compete in season and exhibition games, the CAIS tournament and potentially OFSAA. The experience of our players is vast, however, they are united in their drive to improve and compete as individual athletes and as a team.

We are thrilled to announce the first-ever Middleside girls rugby team at TCS for the 2011-2012 season. This team provides an opportunity for players who are new to the sport and looking to acquire an understanding of the game. A spirited team dynamic provides the perfect setting for learning and skill-development. Athletes in all grades are eligible to play at this level. Knowledge of the game, skill building and team camaraderie are major focus areas for this team.


Soccer - Boys (Fall)

Men's soccer at TCS has a long tradition and it is an extremely popular fall sport. It is not uncommon to have between 40 and 50 hopefuls who try out for the squad. Unfortunately it is impossible to retain that many; after a couple of try-outs the number of players who make the team is reduced to between 15 to 18 depending on the calibre of those trying out. Since the season is relatively short, our philosophy is to achieve game fitness as quickly as possible and then to fine-tune the qualities of each player, both individually and within the broader context of team play. A significant amount of time is allocated to individual skills, positional strategies and team effort. As the season progresses the emphasis, of necessity, is on creating a group that will work together for the betterment of the team; and at the same time, allowing each player to be satisfied with their part on the team and in their own individual performance. Many graduates of the TCS soccer programme are currently playing for a variety of university clubs across the country.

In the fall term the School participates in the very competitive Independent schools under 16 soccer league. Our season runs from early September until the end of October. The league is composed of 12 teams; 6 in a West division and 6 in an East division. The top team in each division automatically makes the finals, and the next four teams in each division have a playoff to decide the other two finalists. The quality of the teams is high and Trinity College School is always up to the standard of the top teams.

Soccer - Girls (Spring)

Bigside Soccer plays in the growing and very competitive CISAA spring league. The team has enjoyed great success of late. It won a championship in 2006, thereby earning a berth at “AA” OFSAA (the provincial championships). In 2007, the squad went undefeated in league play, earned its second consecutive championship, and then won a Bronze Medal at OFSAA. In 2008, the squad once again enjoyed an undefeated and championship CISAA season, then went off to OFSAA and returned with a silver medal. The squad practices and plays five days a week so even though the regular season is only about eight to 10 weeks long, there is ample opportunity for players to hone their skills, improve their fitness, and play in competitive matches. The squad normally boasts a handful of club players, but many team members have played soccer only at TCS while a few others are very gifted athletes playing the sport for the first time ever.

Teamwork, cooperation and fun are three goals on the Middleside Girls' Soccer team. As a member of the team, the players will learn to play as a team member, while learning different aspects of the game. Basic skills are taught and developed, so that they can acquire knowledge of the game to further develop at the Bigside level. It is our hope that the experience on the Middleside Girls' soccer team will be filled with laughs and that the players will walk away from the season with a love for the game of soccer!


Squash - Co-ed (Winter)
The game of squash has been in existence at TCS since the 1930s when the School had two courts. This was expanded in the early 1970s to four courts and the game was the hardball version in the narrow courts. Over the years of the hardball game, the School produced many fine players who became national and provincial champions. This included Colin Adair ’60, who became the National Collegiate champion, and Ernest Howard ’46 (for whom our current squash facility is named), who held the title of North American champion. For many years TCS hosted a prestigious ranking tournament with players attending from all over Canada. With the demise of the hardball game and the emergence of the softball game in North America, the School switched to the international game, and during the 1980s TCS held quite a dominant position with other independent league opponents.

With the construction of LeVan Hall in 2002, the squash courts were demolished to accommodate the new building. For two years TCS squash players practiced at the local YMCA. Then Ernest Howard ’46, along with a group of prominent Old Boys, raised the money for three very fine international courts. When girls were introduced to TCS in the early 1990s there were some very strong players among their ranks, including Diana Newman ’04, who was ranked the School’s number one player in 2004. Since the opening of our new courts, the game has taken off at TCS with far more players trying out for the team than spots available. Our senior team has come second three years in a row and our top two players are ranked provincially. And in the case of Thomas Blecher, our number one player in 2010-2011, he is currently ranked nationally at Under-15 level in the top five. The game continues to be very popular at TCS, both recreationally and competitively, and plans are underway to build three more courts to accommodate the large number of students wishing to play.


Swimming - Co-ed (Winter)
A high-spirited and committed group of approximately 30 swimmers make up the Littleside and Bigside swim team at TCS. The team trains together off-site in Port Hope's local 25-metre pool as well as in the School's pool. The team usually fares extremely well competing in the CISAA and OFSAA championships.


Tennis - Boys (Spring)
The Bigside boys tennis team has produced some quality players over the past few years, garnering several medals at the OFSAA championships. Recent winners include David West, Kevin Caza and Robbie Fitzpatrick. The team consists of three singles players and two doubles teams all playing pro sets to eight games. The team practices at the newly constructed Ernest Howard Tennis Centre on campus, which boasts four beautifully-designed courts and a unique viewing area. The boys practice regularly with the perpetually strong Bigside girls team which fosters genuine team spirit and fun.

Tennis - Girls (Spring)
The Bigside girls tennis team consists of three singles players and three doubles pairs. Approximately three additional players round out the team and are often able to compete in exhibition doubles matches. One eight game pro set is played for matches. The more skilled athlete will have a chance to compete at the OFSAA qualifying event with the winners of this tournament going on to represent the School at OFSAA. Tennis is a great way to stay fit and our TCS players enjoy both the game and the team spirit.

Track & Field

Track & Field - Co-ed (Spring)
The Track and Field programme at TCS is usually comprised of about 20 to 25 co-ed athletes: middle-distance runners, long distance runners, sprinters, throwers, and jumpers. Athletes train twice weekly on the track at St. Mary's in Cobourg in addition to on-campus practices. The programme is a small, athlete-focused one which emphasizes fitness and individual improvement. Some athletes are successful in the highly competitive league, making it to OFSAA, and even moving on to competing at the university level.


Volleyball - Girls (Winter)

At the senior level of volleyball, players will hone the skills they've learned a the junior level and will become more adept at position play. Here we define the roles of power, middle or offside hitter, as well as setter and back court specialist. With the introduction of a libero player, a girl who is not so strong offensively will become an important member of the defensive core. Regular workouts to build up strength and endurance as well as perfecting the skills required for success are a part of every practice. The girls compete against other independent schools as well as Public schools with an aim at the playoffs. As a member of the team the girls must show a commitment to improvement and to their team, enthusiasm and a love for the game. Overall the girls programme is designed to improve upon the old, learn new skills and work together as a team.

On the Littleside Girls' volleyball team, enthusiasm, dedication, and hard-work run rampant. The team provides a great opportunity for students to learn basic volleyball skills, as well as teamwork and good sportsmanship with the goal of encouraging continuation to the Bigside level. Effort is made to provide consistent coaching throughout the entire programme, while also taking into account the number of new players to the game entering at the Littleside level. Players have the opportunity to be involved in a lengthy regular season beginning in November and continuing through until March, as well as playing in numerous exhibition games and tournaments. Practices generally occur three times a week with at least one game each week.

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