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Extramural Debating & the Fulford League

TCS is a member of the Fulford League which consists of 21 schools. There are three tournaments each year and the School sends two junior debaters and two senior debaters to each tournament. Debaters can only participate in a Fulford tournament once in each year. Each debater participates in three rounds and, in each round, is partnered with a different debater from a different school. Each debater debates once for the government side of the prepared resolution, once for the opposition, and once on an impromptu resolution.

House Debates

Each House provides four senior debaters in each of four rounds of debate and four junior debaters in each of three rounds of debate. Each debater can only debate in one of the rounds. As a result, 280 students debate each year. After four rounds, there is a semifinal round for the top four junior and senior houses. The top junior houses then meet in a championship debate, and the top two senior houses debate for the honour of winning the Tom Lawson House Debate Trophy as champions of the School.

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