Junior School captures the spirit of Remembrance Day

On Tuesday, students from each grade in the Junior School did a phenomenal job of capturing the spirit of Remembrance Day in a special assembly.

With the hymn Abide with Me playing in the background we watched as a young soldier made the decision to enlist in the Canadian Army and head overseas in World War II. His decision to answer the call of duty not only sent him to war, but his wife, children, parents, siblings and friends went with him, in spirit. We watched as they hung on his every word in a letter he wrote from the front lines. He was expecting to return home but in the end one of his fellow soldiers had to return with the sad news that he was killed in action. We were able to join in the sorrow of the family and friends whose lives were changed forever when their loved one fell. Mr. Hunter closed the ceremony with a poignant rendition of the Last Post and Reveille.

This performance was marked by the sensitivity of each student who chose to put themselves in someone else's shoes and catch a glimpse of what it must have been like, and what it is still like for Canadian families whose loved ones are members of the Armed Services.

Many thanks to those students who volunteered their time to work on this special assembly.