Year 2 students participate in day trip to Peterborough

Year 2 students hit the road for a day trip on Thursday, January 25th, heading to Peterborough to visit the Canadian Canoe Museum and the Traveling World Community Film Festival.

At the Canadian Canoe Museum, the students learned about soap stone carving and its relevance in various cultures. Students were given the opportunity to carve their own pieces which they could bring home with them.

The students then participated in the Traveling World Community Film Festival at Peterborough's Showplace Theatre. Students watched a selection of interesting and entertaining films, including The Pact, the true story of three friends from inner-city neighbourhoods who make a pact in high school to find a way to attend college and then medical school. The friends not only accomplished their goals, but they're now spreading the word to inspire other kids to stay off of drugs, out of gangs and take the educational route to a better life. It was an inspirational film which the Year 2 students really enjoyed.

They also viewed Untitled, a film made by a grade 12 student named Mike Moring. The film follows a man as he meanders helplessly through a world in which unity and conformity reign, and diversity goes unrecognized. Afterwards the young director spoke to the audience about the art of filmmaking.

A special thanks to the faculty members who assisted in organizing and chaperoning the day trip.