Learn French and earn a French credit while travelling to Quebec and France!

Trinity College School will be offering a unique opportunity for students entering Grade 11 in 2009-2010: a chance to participate in travel and cultural exchange programmes as they work towards their Grade 11 French (FSF3U) credit. Also learn how Grade 9 students can work over the summer to qualify for this opportunity.

How will the “exchange section” be designed, and which credit can students earn?
In 2009-2010, one section of Grade 11 French (FSF3U) will be designated as the “exchange section.” This group will take the same course as other students in Grade 11, but in a modified way. They will:

  • Complete a guided independent study outside the normal timetable (planned meetings with the teacher, online support, exercises and assignments).
  • Travel to Quebec in the fall of 2009 for an educational visit to Quebec City and area.
  • Participate in the School’s bi-annual TCS – St. Martin exchange programme. This means hosting a fellow student from our sister school in Pontoise, France (for two weeks) in the fall of 2009, then travelling to visit that school and Paris in the spring of 2010.
  • Stay well-connected as a group and work collaboratively to maximize the value of the course work and travel experiences.
Who can enrol in this exchange section?
The course section is open to any student holding a credit in Grade 10 French (FSF2D). Enrolment in this particular section will not take a space in the timetable.

Can students now taking Grade 9 French participate in this great opportunity?
For those students currently taking Grade 9 French, an online summer course credit in Grade 10 French will be offered this summer. This will enable current Grade 9 French students to “reach ahead” with a Grade 10 credit and, if they wish, qualify for the Grade 11 exchange course next year.

Who can provide further information?
David Wills: 905-885-3217 ext. 1326 or dwills@tcs.on.ca
Rachel Stephens: 905-885-3217 ext. 1311 or rstephens@tcs.on.ca
Gregory Hodges: 905-885-3217 ext. 1296 or ghodges@tcs.on.ca