Integrated Learning Studio a hit with students

Thanks to generous donations towards the Trinity College School Parents Fund, over the March Break room 601 was completed, transforming it from an out-of-date computer classroom to a first-rate Integrated Learning Studio.

“The room is about catering to the learning styles of students and supporting their learning styles,” said teacher Tony Kleinschroth, head of the computer studies department. “Collaboration is one of the keys to success in project-based learning, which means that students learn by doing.”

From top to bottom the room exemplifies a state-of-the-art computer learning facility from high-tech computer apparatus to new hallway windows and flooring, modern furniture and chairs. Mr. Kleinschroth’s vision to overhaul the classroom was dictated by progressive educational developments in the field allowing our students to benefit and remain on the cutting edge of the latest progress in education.

The project cost $50,000 but the benefit to current and future students is priceless. Here are the reactions of some of our students to the new space:

"It gives me a chance to collaborate with my peers in so many different ways." – Kevin, Grade 9 student

"A portal to higher learning" – Jake, Grade 10 student

"It feels like the future of learning interaction in classrooms is here. It gives you a relaxed and more enjoyable atmosphere." – Ricardo, Grade 9 student

"The modern design creates a clean, crisp learning environment, clear of the distractions of any normal classroom." – Brennan, Grade 9 student

"That room is now my favorite classroom in the whole school. It helps me be excited for going to class simply because the room is awesome." – Michael, Grade 10 student

Click here to view more photos of students at work in the new studio.

- By Jennifer Agnew-Pople, manager, Parents Fund