Spring Athletic Awards a chance to reflect on the year in sports

A successful year in athletics was celebrated at the annual Spring Athletic Awards, held in the Dick and Jane LeVan Theatre the evening of Friday, June 9th. Awards were presented to athletes who displayed dedication, leadership and skill in the spring sports term, as well as recognition for achievements over the course of the 2016-2017 school year.

The athletes of the year in each grade (with the Grade 12 award to be handed out on Speech Day) are:

  • Paterson Trophy for Grade 9: Charlie Wadds, Spencer Grainger, Rachel Bjorgan
  • F.G. Osler Cup for Grade 10: Caelan Abbott, Sydney Keiser, Ekene Onyeka
  • R.C.N. Wright Trophy for Grade 11: Jared Wayne, Jessica O’Malley, Pia Reckendrees

Pia Reckendrees was also the deserving recipient of a Distinction award, representing not only a superior level of achievement, but also leadership in a student who acts as an ambassador for the School. Pia qualified for the provincial championships in tennis, and also helped the girls tennis team to earn the silver medal in the CISAA league this term.

Bigside ties were awarded to 34 athletes and Bigside colours were earned by 35 students. Click here for the full list of recipients.

Other awards presented include:

Boys Rugby

  • Alastair McDonald Trophy (Littleside MVP): Caelan Abbott (Grade 10)
  • Kyle Nichols Cup (Littleside most promising): George Kendall (Grade 9), Scott Boughner (Grade 9)
  • Beck Trophy (Bigside leadership): Angelo Vushaj (Grade 12)
  • Peter Kelly Bowl (Bigside spirit): Andrew Lobo (Grade 12)
  • Mike Stevens Trophy (Bigside MVP): Andrew Lobo (Grade 12)

Girls Rugby

  • Coaches Award (Middleside MVP): Hannah Arbour (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (Middleside most improved): Abby Brewer (Grade 9), Eden Robinson (Grade 10)
  • Coaches Award (Bigside MVP): Alexia Russell (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (Bigside most improved): Sydney Keiser (Grade 10), Bella Savard (Grade 10)


  • Seagram Cup (Bigside spirit): James Holton (Grade 12)
  • Revd J. Scott Howard Trophy (Bigside leadership): Joshua McCartney (Grade 11), Mitchell Zilm (Grade 10)
  • E.L. Curry Cup (Bigside best batsman): Mitchell Zilm (Grade 10), Hamish LePlastrier (Grade 10)
  • Cricket Challenge Trophy (Bigside best bowler): Hamish LePlastrier (Grade 10)
  • Old Boy’s Fielding Cup (Bigside best fielder): Taj Whaley (Grade 12)


  • D.H. Hunter Trophy (#1 Senior boys player): Ben Lines (Grade 10)
  • #1 Ladies Singles Trophy: Pia Reckendrees (Grade 11)
  • Sophie Paquet Trophy (leadership): Alisha Sharma (Grade 12), Lauren Kilpatrick (Grade 12), Nick Jin (Grade 12)


  • MVP Award (Bigside): Damon Gregoris (Grade 10)
  • J.M. Biggar Trophy (Bigside leading batter): Damon Gregoris (Grade 10)
  • Farley-May Trophy (Bigside rookie of the year): Will Roberts (Grade 9)


  • Coaches Award (Middleside): Sara Vazquez Ventura (Grade 10)
  • Manager Award (Middleside): Charlotte Youd (Grade 11)
  • David A. Gatcliffe Trophy (Bigside MVP): Caitlin Costello (Grade 12), Kelly Anne Johnson (Grade 12)
  • Gareth Jones Cup (Bigside dedication): Jenna Burrows (Grade 11)
  • Alexis Sciuk Award (Bigside leadership): Caitlin Costello (Grade 12), Kelly Anne Johnson (Grade 12)
  • Spirit of Soccer Award: Olivia Leong (Grade 12)


  • Wills Family Trophy (Littleside): Spencer Grainger (Grade 9)
  • Ron Reynolds Memorial Trophy (Bigside boys): Theo Laschewski (Grade 10)
  • Samantha Widmer Trophy (Bigside girls): Rhian Patterson (Grade 12)
  • Trenholme Family Trophy (leadership): Cole Moorcroft (Grade 12), Andrew McKenzie (Grade 12)


  • Geale Cup (top players): Eric Wang (Grade 12), Leo Yan (Grade 12), Julie Wang (Grade 12)

Track & Field

  • Daniel Holmes Middle Distance Trophy: Graham Shearing (Grade 12)
  • Hurdlers Award: Tani Orimolade (Grade 12)
  • Sprinters Award: Zoe Tod (Grade 12)
  • Throwers Award: Natalie Jeanson (Grade 11)
  • Manager Awards: Catharine Steele (Grade 11), Graham Shearing (Grade 12)


  • Chapman Trophy (top Novice female): Grace Hodges (Grade 9)
  • Adam Cota Trophy (top Novice male): Bene Woge (Grade 12)
  • Jim Ganley Cup (top Junior male): Charlie Wadds (Grade 9)
  • McNamara Cup (top Junior female): Claire Gardiner (Grade 10)
  • Ned Hanlan Trophy (top Senior male): Patrick Gallagher (Grade 11)
  • Drew-Hobbs Trophy (top Senior female): Kyra Urabe (Grade 12)
  • Garth Nichols Trophy (spirit and dedication): Nathan Titterton (Grade 12)
  • Coxswain’s Crown: Hope Tidman (Grade 10)

Andrew Westlake Memorial Award (presented to an athlete demonstrating a high level of achievement in a sport outside the TCS program): Graham Shearing (Grade 12)

Stearns Award (presented to an athlete demonstrating personal growth and academic achievement as a result of participation on Bigside football or another Bigside team): James Holton (Grade 12)