Students practice Spanish and salsa dancing on field trip

Trinity College School’s languages and culture department, in collaboration with the academic office, promoted a cultural field trip for all three levels of Senior School Spanish classes, to Lula Lounge on April 5th. Lula Lounge is well known for its live music, entertainment and food, and is located in the heart of Toronto.

The Music and Arts Centre of Lula Lounge hosted a workshop on Cuban salsa dancing. This workshop encouraged students to trust themselves and others. Students were paired up with one another to learn the basic steps of Cuban salsa. Spanish students were exposed to this cultural activity as a way to explore the traditions from this part of the Latin world. As well, presenter Dailyn Martínez talked about Cuba and various aspects of its culture. Dailyn is a versatile dancer with many years of experience in this field. She transmitted her knowledge and love of these Cuban music and dance style traditions by teaching students some new words in the target language and dancing to different songs.

The second part of the trip consisted of ordering food in Spanish. At each table, students had a menu written in Spanish and were required to order their lunch in Spanish from the waitress. This was a great opportunity for them to practice their Spanish language skills by speaking with their classmates and the people at the lounge.

This cultural experience brought enjoyment to students from all ages and grades. Students from Grade 9 to 12 were active participants in the field trip and this has become one day they will never forget.

- By Profesora María Velásquez-Labrecque, languages and culture department