Academic Insights: TCS Grade 9 Program

Grade 9 Trip to Canton

Trinity College School’s Grade 9 class has had a fun and enriching year of activities, starting with the annual grade trip in September. The students and a number of faculty members teaching Grade 9 courses headed to a community centre in Canton, about 15 minutes outside of Port Hope. The purpose of the trip was primarily to provide students with the opportunity to interact with their peers and to make some new friends. In collaboration with a company called Adventureworks!, the day involved activities that promoted team-building, self-awareness, improved decision-making and the benefits of getting involved. It was also a great opportunity for the teachers to interact with and introduce themselves to the Grade 9 class. Upon returning to the School, the students were invited to attend a Grade 9-only dinner in Osler Hall. A wonderful feast was prepared by the TCS culinary services staff, including a delicious “Welcome to Grade 9” celebration cake.

This year was extra exciting for the school community as the base of the Senior School strengthened immensely. With a healthy total of 98 students, this amounted to the largest group of Grade 9 students in recent years. The class consisted of students from Canada, Mexico, China, Cayman Islands, Japan, Hong Kong, Bermuda, Germany, South Korea, U.S.A., Vietnam, U.S. Virgin Islands and British Virgin Islands.

Once the school year got underway, a number of Grade 9 students submitted applications to become “Grade 9 reps,” with student leaders from each house established. These students met on occasion to plan grade initiatives that would build spirit among the class. Leading up to Christmas, the reps organized and prepared a gift of an advent calendar and candy canes for every Grade 9 student. Later on in the winter, the reps, in collaboration with the school prefects, organized a Grade 9 non-uniform day and movie night where students brought their pillows and blankets into the Cirne Commons to eat popcorn, cookies and other snacks while watching the movie The Maze Runner. This spring, the reps are waiting for a hot, sunny day to hand out popsicles and ice cream sandwiches to their fellow classmates to cool them down and perk them up during Focus Cycle.

In the academic realm, a variety of highlights have occurred throughout the year. One of the most exciting aspects for the health & physical education department was the completion of the new Arnold Massey ’55 Athletic Centre, which allowed for multiple classes to use the gyms simultaneously and enhanced fitness instruction with the addition of the new weight room. In the languages & culture department, the Spanish classes took a trip to Lula Lounge in Toronto, where students learned how to dance and got to eat Spanish cuisine while furthering their understanding of the language. Just prior to the May break, the Grade 9 science classes went on a field trip to the Ganaraska Forest Centre to witness first-hand the relationship of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings in pond and stream ecosystems. A big change in the computer studies department saw the current Grade 9 communication technologies course (TGJ20) moved to the Grade 10 curriculum and replaced with Grade 9 Computer Science (ICS20). This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer science, including the Internet, digital information, coding, app development and robotics.

The Grade 9 students have enjoyed another successful year and are wished all the best as they continue on with their studies in Grade 10.

- By Luke O’Connell, Grade 9 co-ordinator