A celebration of leadership through service

The first full school chapel of the 2018-2019 school year at Trinity College School was dedicated to recognizing our student leaders and the crucial role of service within our school community.

Led by Canon Don Aitchison, the service held Monday, September 10th brought Junior and Senior School students together in the Memorial Chapel. Readings focused on the theme of leadership through service: how each of us has a role to play in the service of others and in doing so becomes a leader.

At the same time, students holding formal leadership positions in the School received a tie denoting that role. This included our school prefects, peer support and house leaders, who were each asked to make a commitment to supporting the values of TCS. In turn, all students pledged their support for the new student leaders.

Our 2018-2019 prefects are Zororo Mutomba (head girl), Ben Traugott (head boy), Mikayla Estrella, Claire Gardiner, Magnus Jin, Sydney Keiser, Tenzin Mahabir, Hallie Paddock, Bella Savard, Elie Spoor, Pau Valiente and Andrew Youssef.

House leaders for the school year are as follows:

Bethune House
Head of House: Jacob Estis
Assistant Head of House: Matt Williams
Peer Support: Matthew Lin and James Wang

Bickle House
Head of House: Caelan Abbott
Assistant Heads of House: Henry Gauthier and Miguel Weerasinghe
Peer Support: Nicolas Ayin and Ivan Lipski

Brent House
Head of House: Ben Lines
Assistant Head of House: Colin Pecka
Peer Support: Kennedy Eruchalu and Fan Yang

Burns House
Head of House: Flip Smith
Assistant Head of House: Priyanka Gautam
Peer Support: Jai Whaley

Hodgetts House
Head of House: Eric Kim
Assistant Heads of House: Angus Hall and Matt Wilson
Peer Support: Liam Gallagher and Jeff McHarg

Ketchum House
Head of House: Olivia Pattison
Assistant Head of House: Nicky Golding
Peer Support: Coco Chan, Wakely Jibb and Eden Robinson

Orchard House
Head of House: Ben Soutter
Assistant Head of House: Sam Glover
Peer Support: Ashish Gauba and Wyatt Love

Rigby House
Head of House: Gemma Varty
Assistant Head of House: Cameryn Lang
Peer Support: Myah Wills and Tiffany Liang

Scott House
Co-Heads of House: Amy Topshee and Oprah Kajeguhakwa
Peer Support: Izzy Chin, Chloe Tam and Emma Hak-Kovacs

Wright House
Head of House: Avery Quantrill
Assistant Head of House: Lauren Moorcroft
Peer Support: Acassia Arnaud and Leah Chesney