Trinity Reads marks eight years of sharing a love of books

Trinity Reads marked eight years of bringing Trinity College School students and staff together through a shared love of reading on Tuesday, September 11th. During afternoon flex period, students sat down with faculty and staff to discuss one of the 52 titles selected for this year’s summer reading program.

With books from a range of genres – fiction and non-fiction, autobiography, poetry, history, romance, mystery, science fiction and more – great conversation and the sharing of ideas and opinions could be heard from the groups spread all around the campus.

Perhaps the best way to understand the value of Trinity Reads is through the words of the participants themselves.

This is what some of our students had to say:

  • “I liked how passionate everyone was about the book, and I liked talking about the book with other people.”
  • “It was interesting to hear what some people thought parts of the book meant especially when it was different from what I interpreted.”
  • “I got to meet new people.”
  • “The group discussion was well run.”
  • “It helped me understand parts of the book that I did not understand.”
  • “I liked connecting ideas about the book to other things in everyday life, and connecting and realizing ideas within the book.”
  • “We talked about things that related to real life.”

And this is just a selection of the positive feedback from faculty and staff:

  • “What a GREAT way to spend an hour.”
  • “I loved talking books with the kids.”
  • “Best Trinity Reads group EVER!! They were chatty, funny, completely engaged and thoughtful. So much great discussion. I think we could have spent the afternoon talking about this book.”
  • “Having time out to talk about books is amazing!”
  • “Heartened that there are such dedicated readers out there!”