Grade 10 students head to the great outdoors

Trinity College School’s Grade 10 students spent two days camping, October 1st and 2nd, enjoying the chance to get to know their classmates and experiencing the great outdoors.

Students and faculty chaperones headed to Camp Wanakita, located on Koshlong Lake outside of Haliburton, the morning of Monday, October 1st. The day began with a canoe lesson, and then the students learned how to pitch a tent.

After lunch, the students used their newly-learned skills as they set out on a paddle. The Grade 10 class was spread out in small groups at nine different campsites. At each site, students were responsible for gathering sticks and bark, making a fire, setting up a tent and cooking their own meals. They made pizzas cooked over the fire and roasted marshmallows and s’mores for dessert.

The students had a unique experience with each group organizing its own activities for the evening. Some sang camp songs or told camp stories around the fire, others took part in ice breaker games, some groups focused on setting goals for the year, while others got to know their peers by just chatting and taking the opportunity to bond.

Unfortunately, the rain came overnight, but everyone survived, with some students getting a little wetter than others. By morning, fairer skies had returned.

After a breakfast by the lovely morning views of the water, groups paddled back to the main campgrounds. There, each group had a debriefing session which consisted of students selecting one rock (something about the trip that “rocked”), one leaf (something they would leave behind), and one stick (something that will stick with them).

This trip satisfies the expedition requirement for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze award, or the practice journey requirement for the Silver award. We encourage all of the students to work towards achieving these awards, which you can learn more about at

Overall, the trip was a wonderful experience. Students enjoyed spending a night in nature, technology-free, with the absence of cellphones leading to an increase in conversation.

- By Megan McNutt, Grade 10 coordinator