Day of the Dead a chance to celebrate Mexican culture

The department of languages and culture had the pleasure of organizing, once again, the Day of the Dead Celebration on November 2nd at Trinity College School.

This celebration is of great importance in Mexican culture. It is important to clarify that the Day of the Dead is not a version of Halloween since it is not considered a dark celebration; but, on the contrary, the Day of the Dead is a welcoming party for the souls of the loved ones who have died and return for a visit on November 1st and 2nd every year.

On the two days of celebrations, altars are decorated, tombs are visited, food is prepared, accompanied by music and festivities to remember loved ones who they are no longer with us. At Trinity College School, the Spanish classes had the opportunity to practice their Spanish language skills and experience Mexican culture for a day.

On November 2nd, all students, teachers and staff were surprised very early with the wonderful altars that the students of Mexican origin had decorated the night before in the Cirne Commons.

In addition, everyone at TCS was astonished by the delicious menu that was prepared by our fantastic chefs in the culinary services department. A variety of dishes of different Hispanic origins were front and centre at lunchtime. Some of the delights that were on the menu were: tortillas, chicken and chorizo paella, ropa vieja, Spanish omelet, black beans, rice and much more.

During afternoon flex period, the five Spanish classes and other students were able to sing and dance with the now well-recognized group from the city of Toronto, Mariachi Viva Mexico, who came to TCS to celebrate with us.

And with smiles, songs, food and dancing, another successful year of the Day of the Dead ended at Trinity College School. 

- By Professora Maria Velasquez-Labrecque, languages & culture department