Honouring Black History Month

Trinity College School students learned about the importance of Black History Month through special events hosted by the Cultural Awareness Group (CAG) on Thursday, February 28th.

A group of dedicated students took on the challenge of hosting morning chapel service, including creating a video in which their fellow students were interviewed about their opinions related to Black History Month. From this point, the chapel presenters were able to highlight the importance of this month, including as a way to celebrate the achievements and culture of black people in Canada and throughout the world. Students from a variety of cultures spoke individually about their home countries, such as the Bahamas and Barbados. As well, Head Girl Zororo Mutomba spoke about Zimbabwe, mentioning the economic challenges facing the country and speaking about those who are trying to speak up for the rights of the people in that country.

From the Islands to Africa to Canada, heroes related to Black History Month were highlighted by the group. This included Viola Desmond, who became the first Canadian-born woman to appear on our currency last year. This recognition came as a result of her pioneering role in fighting segregation, when she refused to give up her seat in the whites-only section of a Nova Scotia movie theatre in 1946. As well, students spoke about Willie O’Ree, the first black player in the National Hockey League, who hailed from Fredericton, New Brunswick.

On Thursday evening, the students hosted a “jam session” in the Wright/Orchard House Lounge. A student DJ played songs by various black artists, and students enjoyed hanging out with friends and dancing to the music.

Thank you to the students who organized our Black History Month events!