Algonquin trip a chance to practice wilderness skills

The call of the wild brought students in the PAD30 Outdoor Activities course to Northern Ontario for three days of canoeing and camping, from May 12th to 14th. This was the summative activity for the Grade 11 course, and the culmination of students’ efforts throughout the year to learn new skills for wilderness exploration and survival.

The group stayed at Camp Pathfinder, located on Source Lake in the heart of Algonquin Provincial Park. Although the weather was unseasonably cold, students embraced the opportunity to step outside their comfort zones and test their skills in this incredible natural setting.

In addition to canoeing, students had the chance to build fires on which they cooked food, including bannock. They also practiced putting up tarps and tents, and enjoyed sharing stories and games around the campfire.

Teacher Jacqueline Priolo notes, “The students’ spirits were strong despite the cool weather and rain. They were happy campers and demonstrated their skills throughout the trip.”