Field study explores human impact on local ecosystems

Trinity College School’s Grade 9 science students braved rain and cold temperatures to put their research skills into action during the annual field trip to the Ganaraska Forest Centre, May 13th and 14th. Each year, this trip provides a chance for students to conduct hands-on research in the forest’s aquatic ecosystems to enhance their in-class study of sustainable ecosystems.

The Ganaraska Forest, located just north of Port Hope, provides an ideal setting in which students can explore, as it includes both lentic (pond) and lotic (stream) environments. Armed with nets and buckets, students collected specimens and tested water, using the research and inquiry skills they have been learning in class. Students were able to research factors such as water quality and biodiversity during their time in the forest.

One important lesson gained from this experience is a practical understanding of the impact that we, as humans, have on the sustainability of our local water ecosystems.

Thank you to our Grade 9 science teachers, Keara Jakic, Suzy Hall and Sarah Harvey, as well as faculty intern Patricia Smith, for providing this experiential learning opportunity for our students.