Green Cup awarded to Rigby and Ketchum

The winners of the 15th annual Green Cup Challenge at Trinity College School were recognized during morning chapel service on Friday, May 24th. This environmental challenge includes four criteria through which the 10 Senior School houses can earn points over the course of the school year: the Recycling Challenge (worth 20%); the “PaperCut” Challenge (15%); house eco-actions (50%); and other activities such as tree-planting (5%).

The Recycling Challenge this year took on increased importance, as students and staff adjusted to a new sorting system for our region. Over the course of the year, eight waste audits were conducted to tally correct sorting within houses and around the School, including in each staff department. Amongst the boarding houses, Ketchum had the best record with 85% correct sorting. Tied for top spot amongst the day houses were Rigby and Hodgetts, each with 78% correct sorting. Several staff departments were recognized for 100% correct sorting: the property offices in the barns, communications office, finance office and the Frances Price Athletic Therapy Clinic.

Houses were also challenged to reduce their printing and photocopying throughout the year, with statistics tracked using the PaperCut software system. While paper is a renewable resource, trees are a vital component in reducing greenhouse gases, so we need to do all we can to save them. With a rate of 74 pages per student this year, Wright House had the lowest paper use amongst the day houses. For the boarding houses, Burns repeated as the challenge winner with 132 pages per student (down from 147 last year – great work, Burns!). Overall, TCS students used 57,556 sheets of paper in the School’s printers and photocopiers, and while this number is lower than last year, we still have much work to do in terms of reducing paper use.

Each year, the Green Cup trophy is awarded to one day house and one boarding house. When all of the points were tallied, the day house winner with 88/100 points was Rigby House. Rigby continues its streak as the winningest house, having now won the Green Cup eight times in 15 years. For the boarding houses, the winner with 92/100 points was Ketchum, who really turned it up a notch with meaningful, daily, habit-forming actions to win for the first time since 2005.

Many thanks to the green reps in each house for leading the charge to help us all live more sustainably, and congratulations to all houses for their commitment to improving TCS’s environmental habits.

- By Alison Elliott, TCS environmental coordinator