Students recognized for dedication to sustainability

On Friday, May 24th, Trinity College School took the opportunity to shine a spotlight on Senior School students who have demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability through the presentation of ties and pins in morning chapel service.

This year, 31 green reps worked within the 10 Senior School houses to enact eco-actions and teach recycling. Sustainability ties were earned by Usama Shahzad, Mason Outerbridge, Khalid Al Alami, Tolu Fadeyi, Scott Boughner, Vanessa Fullerton, Nicole Colaicavo, Angie Zhang, Rachel Cheung, Roselle Torres, Tiffany Pan, Jiyun Yu, Olivia Pattison, Vanessa Fang, Carla Brossette, Hunter Straughan, Ethan Burnside, Josh D’mello, Jack Moser, Tristan Jin, Charlotte Gibson, Mico Yau, Nicole Wang, Taylor Richmond and Chloe Chiang. Receiving a tie for the second time during their TCS careers were Justin Belanger, Chris Murphy, Megan Bernier, Lauren Miller, Kenny Onyeka and Myah Wills.

As well this year, several students were recognized as key sustainability leaders within our school community. These students have served in leadership capacities in Trinity Environmental Action Club (TEAC), on the TCS Sustainability Committee, as sustainability stewards and prefects. Receiving a leadership pin were: Tristan Jin, Nicole Wang, Roselle Torres, Amy Topshee, Tenzin Mahabir, Hallie Paddock and Andrew Youssef. Of note, this is the third time Andrew has been recognized for his commitment to sustainability, so he was presented with a certificate in addition to his previously received tie and pin.

Congratulations to all of the students who are actively working to spread the message about sustainability at TCS.

- By Alison Elliott, TCS environmental coordinator