Woodworking club unveils new hand-constructed pergola

The members of Trinity College School’s Traditional Woodworking Club have worked tirelessly on the construction of a two-tiered garden pergola project since last September. Tuesday, June 4th was the big day during which the structure was raised, and the staining and installation of the rafters were then completed by the end of the week. The pergola now provides shade to a portion of the patio area just outside Cirne Commons.

The students involved in building the pergola this year include Jayden Lefebvre, Jack Vahramian, Yigit Yurdakul, Aidan Wylie, Nick Little, Hunter Straughan, Connor Tidman, Ashish Gauba, Sam Glover and Patrick Mascarin, and they are all to be commended for their dedication and effort.

In total, 17 posts and tie beams were hand planed, 73 peg holes drilled and all pegs cut by hand, 18 knee braces made, 60 tenons and 60 mortises cut and chiseled. The finishing process involved over 20 hours of sanding and another 15 hours of staining.

The pergola was funded by the TCS Parents’ Guild and their support throughout the entire process was greatly appreciated. I would also like to thank the property department for their ongoing support of the club.

- By Ty Bailey, Traditional Woodworking Club supervisor