Spring Athletic Awards includes honour for former TCS coach

Trinity College School celebrated the dedication, leadership and skill of our student-athletes during the Spring Athletic Awards, held Friday, June 7th in the Dick and Jane LeVan Theatre. This event honours achievement in the spring term of sports, as well as recognizing athletes who have distinguished themselves over the course of the entire school year.

One of the special highlights of the evening was the presentation of the Pete Beech Award to retired TCS faculty member and coach, Tim Hay. This award is handed out each year by the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) to individuals who have exemplified “dedication, spirit and love of sport.” Mr. Hay retired in 2012 after 38 years at TCS, during which time he served as a coach of multiple teams, notable in squash and rugby. It was wonderful to welcome Mr. Hay back to TCS to receive the Beech Award.

Among the honours presented to students at the spring awards night are the athletes of the year in each grade (with the Grade 12 award to be handed out on Speech Day). This year’s winners are:

  • Paterson Trophy for Grade 9: Mitchell Wong, Silas Hodges, Sydney Mueller
  • F.G. Osler Cup for Grade 10: Henry Sewing, Max Keiser, Annie Honkoop, Samantha Trask
  • R.C.N. Wright Trophy for Grade 11: Anthony Soles, Charlie Wadds, Abby Brewer

Bigside ties were awarded to 48 athletes and Bigside colours were earned by 27 students. As well, this year 10 students received Bigside Colours with Honours, which recognize athletes who qualify for Colours in all six terms of their Grade 11 and 12 years at TCS. Click here for the full list of recipients.

Distinction awards were also presented to two students for achieving a superior level of performance in the spring term of sports as well as serving as ambassadors for the School through their athletic involvement. They are Grade 12 baseball player Damon Gregoris, and Grade 11 golfer Spencer Grainger.

Other awards presented include:

Boys Rugby

  • Coaches Award (Littleside leadership): Graham Hall (Grade 10), Max Keiser (Grade 10), Nolan Finn (Grade 10)
  • Alastair McDonald Trophy (Littleside MVP): Taliesin Shepherd (Grade 10)
  • Kyle Nichols Cup (Littleside most promising): Henry Sewing (Grade 10)
  • Student Coach Award (Littleside): Caelan Abbott (Grade 12)
  • Beck Trophy (Bigside leadership): Pau Valiente Barcelo (Grade 12), Henry Gauthier (Grade 12)
  • Peter Kelly Bowl (Bigside spirit): Tyler Lawson (Grade 12)
  • Mike Stevens Trophy (Bigside MVP): Henry Gauthier (Grade 12)

Girls Rugby

  • Leadership Award (Bigside): Bella Savard (Grade 12), Sydney Keiser (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (Bigside MVP): Zororo Mutomba (Grade 12), Bella Savard (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (Bigside most improved): Emma Olazabal Salgado (Grade 9), Madigan Christ (Grade 9), Aislin Boland (Grade 10), Chloe Desjardins (Grade 11)
  • CRASI Award (Bigside spirit): Eden Robinson (Grade 11)


  • Seagram Cup (Bigside spirit): Sid AlamShah (Grade 9)
  • Revd J. Scott Howard Trophy (Bigside leadership): Mason Outerbridge (Grade 11)
  • E.L. Curry Cup (Bigside best batsman): Richard Johnson (Grade 12)
  • Cricket Challenge Trophy (Bigside best bowler): Mason Outerbridge (Grade 11)
  • Old Boy’s Fielding Cup (Bigside best fielder): Will Welch (Grade 11)


  • D.H. Hunter Trophy (#1 Senior boys player): Ben Lines (Grade 12)
  • #1 Ladies Singles Trophy: Megan Johnston (Grade 9)
  • Sophie Paquet Trophy (leadership): Ben Lines (Grade 12)


  • MVP Award (Bigside): Damon Gregoris (Grade 12)
  • J.M. Biggar Trophy (Bigside leading batter): Damon Gregoris (Grade 12)
  • J.S. Jack Langford Trophy (Bigside leading pitcher): Kento Moriyoshi (Grade 10)
  • Leadership Trophy (Bigside): Damon Gregoris (Grade 12)


  • Coaches Award (Middleside): Opey Dinah Togno (Grade 12)
  • Manager Award (Middleside): Kelvin Adom (Grade 11)
  • David A. Gatcliffe ’72 Trophy (Bigside MVP): Fiona Miller (Grade 10), Philippa Smith (Grade 12)
  • Gareth Jones Cup (Bigside dedication): Philippa Smith (Grade 12)
  • Alexis Sciuk Award (Bigside leadership): Philippa Smith (Grade 12), Myah Wills (Grade 12)
  • Spirit of Soccer Award: Carly O’Connor (Grade 11), Myah Wills (Grade 12)


  • Wills Family Trophy (Littleside): Ty Gadbois (Grade 10)
  • Ron Reynolds Memorial Trophy (Bigside boys): Henry Gay (Grade 11)
  • Samantha Widmer Trophy (Bigside girls most deserving): Franziska Nix (Grade 11)
  • Trenholme Family Trophy (leadership): Spencer Grainger (Grade 11)


  • Geale Cup (top player): Harrison Wou (Grade 12), Annette Chan (Grade 12)
  • Coaches Award (top Junior): Tharun Shaji (Grade 9), Silas Hodges (Grade 9), Aishwarya Rajesh Krishnan (Grade 10)

Ultimate Frisbee

  • Coaches Award (spirit of the game): Matthew Williams (Grade 12), Wakely Jibb (Grade 12)

Track & Field

  • Daniel Holmes Middle Distance Trophy: Tenzin Mahabir (Grade 12), Fiona Shearing (Grade 11)
  • Sprinters Award: Dylan Ceccato (Grade 10)
  • Leadership Award: Tenzin Mahabir (Grade 12), Fiona Shearing (Grade 11)


  • Chapman Trophy (top Novice female): Lindsay Smith (Grade 9)
  • Adam Cota Trophy (top Novice male): Brennon O’Grady (Grade 9)
  • Jim Ganley Cup (top Junior male): Josh Paddock (Grade 10)
  • McNamara Cup (top Junior female): Sydney Mueller (Grade 9)
  • Ned Hanlan Trophy (top Senior male): Sam Glover (Grade 12)
  • Drew-Hobbs Trophy (top Senior female): Claire Gardiner (Grade 12)
  • Garth Nichols Trophy (spirit and dedication): Hope Tidman (Grade 12), Ryan Urabe (Grade 12)
  • Coxswain’s Crown: Lauren Miller (Grade 12)

Stearns Award (presented to an athlete demonstrating personal growth and academic achievement as a result of participation on Bigside football or another Bigside team): Aidan Johncox (Grade 12)