TCS Renaissance Plan projects in full swing this summer

The TCS Renaissance Plan is committed to the restoration and renewal of the School’s campus infrastructure.

In addition to the general repairs and restoration work that happen each summer, we would like to offer you an update on a few of the ongoing and upcoming TCS Renaissance Projects.

  • Phase 2 – Storm & Sanitary Water Lines Project: Continuing on from the first phase which took place last summer, phase 2 of this initiative began this spring. This project involves deep trenching around several of the campus buildings in order to replace our aging storm and sanitary sewer lines. This work began at the corner of Ward St. and Deblaquire St. N. and began to work inwards towards Osler Hall after Speech Day. Trenching will also be required running adjacent to the visitor parking lot at the School’s main entrance, running up to Brent/Bethune Houses, and then continuing in front of Ketchum House. Excavation will also be required in the loading dock area, behind Osler Hall.

    Project Impacts: From a safety perspective, while excavation is underway, barricades will be used and trenches will be filled in as quickly as possible. Only minor pedestrian detours are expected and will be marked accordingly. Parking and vehicular traffic is not expected to be significantly impacted.

    There will be some trees impacted by the extensive excavation required as they are located directly above the sewer line routes; these trees (and those requiring removal due to damage and disease) will be relocated or replaced elsewhere on campus. TCS has a Tree Replacement Matrix which is used to guide replanting of any trees lost on campus; trees are replaced with native species and at up to a 5:1 ratio based on the age of the lost tree.

  • Campus Heating - Steam Boiler Replacement: The project to replace the main campus heating steam boilers began earlier this year but is now in the final stages of installation with our old boilers in summer shutdown. The two boilers being replaced are at the end of their useful life in addition to not being the latest word in efficiency or automation. To provide a more reliable, efficient and flexible steam heating source we are installing three new boilers that have increased automation and are expected to realize, on average, energy and emissions savings of more than 20%. This project is expected to be completed mid-July and there are no anticipated impacts to those on campus.
  • Bethune House Washroom Renovations: A continuation from last summer’s renovation of the Brent House washrooms, as another of the School’s oldest boarding houses, Bethune’s washrooms are requiring attention as well. Beginning June 17th and running until late August, this project involves the renovation of the east washrooms on the first, second and third floors of Bethune. The project also includes the creation of a student kitchenette in the second floor housemaster’s study and a third floor study adjacent to the assistant housemaster’s apartment. Project impacts: Bethune House access will be limited over the summer.
  • Ketchum House Renovations: Beginning June 17th and running six weeks approximately, this project involves the replacement of the main washroom shower stalls on the second, third and fourth floors of Ketchum. The work also includes new ceilings and LED lighting in the hallway of the second and third floors and some restoration work above the house’s main entrance canopy. Project impacts: Access to Ketchum’s washroom and student residential space will be limited during this project.

Enhancing and revitalizing our heritage buildings, which have been inherited from earlier times in our school’s history, is the primary focus of the TCS Renaissance Plan. By caring for our campus facilities, and the systems that support them, we will help ensure that they remain standing and in good repair now, and for another 150 years.

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