School spirit shines at annual fun & games

While Trinity College School holds many traditions from throughout its 154-year history, for Senior School students the beginning of the new school year is particularly a time to celebrate. All Student Fun & Games (or “ruckus” as it’s informally known) was held the afternoon of Thursday, September 5th, and this year’s event certainly put the emphasis on “fun!”

Following morning classes and early sports practices, students in Grade 9 through 12 donned their house clothing and headed out to the east side of campus where various stations had been set up. Whether getting doused with colourful (and fortunately washable!) paint, heading down the slip and slide or playing beachball volleyball, the afternoon was punctuated with smiles and laughter.

Then our new students gathered outside the Centennial Gates for an annual rite of passage as they were welcomed by the school prefects. As the gates flew open, young people flooded onto campus and straight to the beloved mud pit. New and returning students alike jumped, danced and marched through the mud, taking photos with friends and housemates. Then, they had almost as much fun getting cleaned up under the spray of the pump truck! The day ended with a barbecue dinner hosted by the culinary services team.

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