2019-2020 student leaders officially installed

The theme of leadership through service was celebrated at the first Monday morning chapel service of the school year, held on September 9th in Trinity College School’s Memorial Chapel. Each year, this service recognizes our incoming prefects and house leaders and instills in all of our students an understanding that true leadership comes from a willingness to give back to your community.

Junior and Senior School students heard readings focused on this important theme, and our student leaders were called upon to pledge their commitment to supporting the values of TCS. The full student body then pledged its support of our student leaders in their new roles. Each student leader received a tie denoting their position.

Our 2019-2020 prefects are: Roselle Torres (head girl), David Pitcairn (head boy), Acassia Arnaud, Megan Bernier, Salvatore Bertucci, Abby Brewer, Leah Chesney, Tristan Jin, Dylan Love, Jack Moser, Jaya Sharma, Finn Smith, Megan Titterton and Nicole Wang.

Our incoming house leaders are:

Bethune House

  • Head of House: Justin Belanger
  • Peer Support: Adam Fang, Mason Outerbridge and Chris Murphy

Bickle House

  • Head of House: Tolu Fadeyi
  • Assistant Heads of House: Ivan Lipski and Luke Avedesian
  • Peer Support: Noom Khamsy and Ben Brown

Brent House

  • Head of House: Scott Boughner
  • Assistant Heads of House: Kelvin Adom and Anthony Soles
  • Peer Support: Kit Cheung and Hunter Coppins

Burns House

  • Head of House: Vanessa Fullerton
  • Assistant Heads of House: Jade Pitcairn and Alexa Abourizk
  • Peer Support: Nicole Colaiacovo

Hodgetts House

  • Head of House: Charlie Wadds
  • Assistant Heads of House: Kelly McBride and Nathan Chareunsouk
  • Peer Support: Nic Sylvestre and Daniel Cook

Ketchum House

  • Head of House: Libby Howatt
  • Assistant Head of House: Tate Howell
  • Peer Support: Raphaella Bergeron Hartman, Franzi Nix and Jiyun Yu

Orchard House

  • Head of House: Tomas Krynicki
  • Assistant Head of House: Spencer Grainger
  • Peer Support: Josh D’mello and Dillon Knight

Rigby House

  • Head of House: Natalie Lane
  • Assistant Heads of House: Tiffany Liang and Sarah McKenzie
  • Peer Support: Gracie Menzies and Evelyn Maguire

Scott House

  • Co-Heads of House: Amelia Black and Jayda Simmonds
  • Peer Support: Charlotte Neal, Rachel Higgs and Darla Skoracki 

Wright House

  • Head of House: Chloe Chiang
  • Assistant Head of House: Mary Baker
  • Peer Support: Taylor Richmond and Jocelyn Ehlers