Grade 9 and 10 students build team spirit

Trinity College School’s Grade 9 and 10 students had a wonderful time bonding with classmates and faculty through an afternoon of team-building activities on Friday, September 6th.

Our Grade 9 students, led by Grade 9 Coordinator Mike Harding, spent much of the day in a “team pursuit challenge” created by Outback Team Building & Training.

The pursuit saw groups of students and faculty work together to complete a series of challenges, some of which required students to video teammates in action, for example doing an air band performance or performing a coin trick. Other challenges required teams to snap a photo of a teammate holding a picture of one of their pets or of a celebrity they resemble. And there were also brain teasers, such as making as many words as possible out of the letters E-A-M-N or figuring out the colour combinations of balls hidden in boxes in the fewest steps possible. Finally, the teams were tasked with finding one thing that all group members have in common and writing a rap or rhyme about it. Each activity had a specific point value, with groups tracking their progress through the Outback app. More importantly, though, the activities allowed faculty and students in the future “class of 2023” to become better acquainted and to have a lot of fun in the process.

Grade 10 students headed north of Port Hope to the Ganaraska Forest for an afternoon with Treetop Trekking, led by faculty chaperones and Grade 10 Coordinator Megan McNutt, as well as the school prefects who worked very hard to plan and lead many of the activities. Students took part in ice-breaker activities and also took advantage of the high ropes and zip lining courses, which are among the most challenging in the province. The courses pushed students outside their comfort zones and encouraged them to work with their peers. Many new friendships were made amongst the students, and faculty enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the future “class of 2022” a bit better.

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