Senior students learn the “ABCs of leadership”

Trinity College School’s Grade 11 and 12 students got a lesson in leadership the afternoon of Friday, September 6th, beginning with a presentation by guest speaker Sunjay Nath. An entrepreneur and lecturer, Mr. Nath is the author of several books including The ABCs of Student Leadership.

A key part of Mr. Nath’s message is that to be a leader of others, young people must first become leaders of themselves. This includes finding opportunities for personal growth and challenging oneself. Students enjoyed his presentation, which was peppered with real-life stories and a great deal of relatable humour.

Then, students broke out into groups to take part in some fun activities that emphasized teamwork, creativity and problem-solving. Led by faculty members, students took part in name games designed to help them get to know one another and team challenges such as building a plastic track to transport a marble as far as possible. Following each activity, students spoke about some of the lessons they could take away from the exercise.

After that, students in leadership roles and those simply interested in learning more about the topic had the opportunity to attend a series of mini-leadership seminars put on by a group of faculty. Students had the chance to learn more about the importance of leading by example and doing so in a responsible way with empathy, openness and understanding.

It was a perfect way to cap off the opening week of school!