Scott takes early House Debates lead

Trinity College School’s 2019-2020 House Debates program is underway, following the first round of debate on Tuesday, September 24th. The first round included a researched debate for Senior (Grade 11-12) students on the resolution that “climate change is the greatest threat in human history.” Following on Greta Thunberg’s impassioned speech at the United Nations earlier in the week, our students were particularly inspired to take on this challenging and important topic.

Scott House led the pack, with a total of three wins in the round.

The top individual debater was Chloe Desjardins of Ketchum House, followed in order by Wright’s Acassia Arnaud and J.D. Card of Bickle House. Rounding out the leaderboard, in order, were Brent’s Sahil Amin, Ketchum’s Libby Howatt, and Aidan Hew of Bethune House.

Chloe and Libby gave Ketchum top team honours, while Acassia and her Wright House teammate Leah Chesney stood in second place. Sahil teamed up with Ambrose Ling to put Brent in third place, while the Burns duo of Fiona Shearing and Megan Titterton placed fourth.

Our Juniors (Grade 9-10) had the chance to observe the debate in preparation for taking part in round two of House Debates, set for Tuesday, November 5th.