New archaeology initiative allows students to “dig deep”

Budding young archaeologists at Trinity College School had the opportunity to get their hands dirty and experience a simulated dig on Thursday, September 26th and Friday, September 27th.

This experiential learning activity is part of the new Grade 11 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology course. Led by faculty members Greg MacPherson and Courtney Christ, the simulated dig was designed to teach the discipline of archaeology as students used the tools and techniques employed by real archaeologists in the field.

Despite rainy weather, 75 students braved the conditions to carry out the dig, collecting artifacts that were all prehistoric. The students will be working extensively in class with these artifacts to understand what they reveal about the evolution of our human ancestors.

Special thanks go to the TCS Parents’ Guild for its generous funding of this initiative, and to the School’s property department for constructing the dig site.

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