Showcase promotes daily actions to support sustainability

Sampling Homemade Jams & Spreads

From October 21st to 23rd, the windows of Cirne Commons were decorated with multiple displays and projects as a part of Trinity College School’s Sustainability Showcase. This annual event features students and staff who are committed to one of the many environmental initiatives that the School participates in. The purpose of this showcase was to continue to spread awareness and propose realistic sustainable actions to members of the school community.

Throughout the week, there were had presentations from multiple teachers, staff and students with creative and inviting displays. Dr. Vincenza Pontieri, with the help of Trinity Environmental Action Club members, informed visitors of the environmental disadvantages of Amazon’s two-day express shipping. Ms. Cheyne Cole had staff and students stopping to smell shampoo bars that work to eliminate plastic bottles. Mr. Justin Murphy illustrated the total amount of electrical consumption of the School and compared it to the much lower amount that is generated by the School’s solar panels. Ms. Sarah Torrible’s display on growing and jarring your own food was a smashing hit with students, who enjoyed sampling fresh food and delicious homemade jams and spreads. Lastly, Ms. Alison Elliott, TCS’s environmental coordinator, laid out the more eco-friendly choices when it comes to reusable versus disposable cups and containers, as part of the School’s “ditch the disposables” campaign.

There was excellent feedback from participants in the showcase, as well as audience comments about the interesting and informative displays. As a part of Trinity College School’s MOGO initiative, the Sustainability Showcase highlighted how each and every person can focus on doing “More Good” for our environment.

When it comes to each of us making the commitment to living in a more environmentally sustainable way, Ms. Elliott says, “Everyone is able to take their own individual actions towards a more sustainable future. Whether it's growing a bit of your own food, cutting down on Amazon orders, or ensuring you "ditch the disposables" by using reusable containers, each person can make a difference.”

- By Ms. Cheyne Cole, residential assistant