13th annual Book It! event celebrates reading

Thirteen turned out to be a lucky number for the participants in Trinity College School’s 13th annual Book It! reading marathon. Hosted in the Senior School library from noon to midnight on Saturday, January 11th, this year’s event was a true celebration of reading.

In total, 40 students and staff members joined in the fun at some point in the 12-hour marathon, with 14 dedicated readers making it right until the bitter end! Between noon and midnight, the group read an astonishing 13,922 pages!

In addition to having the chance to curl up with a good book in the comfy setting of the library, participants also had the chance to take part in games, with prizes including a coveted complete box set of Harry Potter books. And more than one “Just Dance” break was held to give everyone a chance to stretch their legs and share in some laughter.

Thanks to everyone for their spirited enthusiasm and dedicated reading!