Time-sensitive information on the Course Selection process

Over the course of the next few weeks, TCS guidance counsellors will be hosting sessions to speak with all students about the course selection process. During the information session, your child will receive their course selection sheet, a two-page list of all courses offered, as well as be directed to a helpful resource: Courses in the TCS Senior School. This document contains all relevant course-related information, including course descriptions and prerequisites. The course selection sheet is what your child needs to submit to indicate which courses they would like to take next year; these are due to the guidance office by Friday, February 21st (the deadline for Grade 8 students moving up to Grade 9 is February 25th).

To assist you in this process, I would also like to draw your attention to a document that outlines the diploma requirements for students to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma and TCS Diploma.

It is very important that students think through their requests for the next year to ensure that the courses they select reflect their interests and abilities. To provide additional support in their selections, students can see their guidance counsellor for individual meetings. They can make an appointment through the guidance assistant, Ms. Kelli Botrie. Her office is located directly inside the main doors of the guidance office.

As parents, you will have the opportunity to speak with your child’s counsellor about their selections during Parent-Teacher Meetings (February 21st-22nd). Please feel free to attend one of our group sessions (click here for the schedule) or book an individual appointment with your child’s counsellor by contacting Mrs. Laurie Caine (lcaine@tcs.on.ca).

Guidance counsellors are assigned by house/grade as follows:

Bethune, Burns, Orchard, Scott & Wright

Bickle, Brent, Hodgetts, Ketchum & Rigby

At the end of this notice, you will find a full list of helpful links, including course selection sheets based on which grade your child will be entering in September 2020.

We look forward to supporting students through this process.

- By Krista Koekkoek, director of guidance

Course Selection Forms