Parent Session focuses on supporting Senior School e-learning

As teaching and learning continue to progress at Trinity College School through the TCS Connect e-community program, Senior School parents received some practical advice on supporting their children’s academic endeavours during an online parent session on Monday, April 20th.

Hosted by staff of the Price Academic Support Centre at TCS – Ally O’Grady and Rachel Pearson – the session helped parents understand their role in promoting students to manage their own schoolwork and responsibilities, in a supportive way. Resources parents can point their children towards – such as planner documents, a weekly organizer and the Pomodoro method – were shared. As well, families were reminded of the School’s various extra support resources which students can access whether they are working synchronously or asynchronously through TCS Connect.

Note: The School will host a session for Junior and Senior School parents – “Supporting your Child’s Emotional Needs at Home” – on Friday, May 1st. Details will be included in the Parents’ Newsletter.