2020-2021 house leaders announced

Trinity College School students returned from the Victoria Day weekend to wonderful news, as the 2020-2021 leaders for each Senior School house were announced by Headmaster Stuart Grainger during morning chapel service. The announcement included heads and assistant heads, as well as peer mentors, for the 10 houses.

Heads and assistant heads work with housemasters on many day-to-day student-directed activities, as well as serving as role models and supports for their housemates. The peer mentors program is directed by the guidance office and chaplain, with students selected to serve as a front-line resource within each house, actively listening to their peers’ concerns and directing them to other resources in the School when needed.

Prior to making the announcement, Mr. Grainger read from Matthew 20:20-28, where Christ says, “…whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister;/And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant…” The message for our new student leaders, the headmaster noted, is that “leadership is an opportunity to serve.”

The 2020-2021 house leaders are:

Bethune House

  • Head of House: Henry Sewing
  • Assistant Heads of House: Erin Efovi & Aidan Hew
  • Peer Mentors: Nico Deichmann & Aidan Hew

Bickle House

  • Head of House: John Grieve
  • Assistant Heads of House: Ross Miller & Eric Wang
  • Peer Mentors: Carlos Manuel Ruiz de Huidobro Moro & J.D. Card

Brent House

  • Head of House: Fin Conacher
  • Assistant Head of House: Stefan Wolf
  • Peer Mentors: Ambrose Ling & Sahil Amin

Burns House

  • Head of House: Olivia Hill
  • Assistant Head of House: Elena Wright
  • Peer Mentors: Carly Lin & Aneesa Momodu

Hodgetts House

  • Head of House: Dylan Ceccato
  • Assistant Heads of House: Kyle Munns & Max Keiser
  • Peer Mentors: Ben Ma, Logan McGivery & Ethan Murree

Ketchum House

  • Head of House: Adrienne Lee
  • Assistant Heads of House: Ashley Hayley & Kaitlyn Chan
  • Peer Mentors: Subaru Fujimoto & Agnes Grabcova

Orchard House

  • Head of House: Cooper Reed
  • Assistant Head of House: Braden Shaw
  • Peer Mentors: Matteo Mascarin & Gordon Bennett

Rigby House

  • Head of House: Aislin Boland
  • Assistant Heads of House: Aya Al-Ali & Evelyn Maguire
  • Peer Mentors: Maddy Wiseman & Olivia Girimonte

Scott House

  • Head of House: Beth McArthur
  • Assistant Head of House: Natasha Pinto
  • Peer Mentors: Savannah Barker & Claire Marcotte

Wright House

  • Head of House: Aishwarya Rajesh Krishnan
  • Assistant Head of House: Waverley DiNova
  • Peer Mentors: Madison Narciso & Abby Hicks

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing house leaders who have done so much throughout the year to build and maintain school spirit!