Speech on sculptor Walter Allward wins Grade 10 Osler Contest

For the first time, Trinity College School’s Grade 10 Osler Speaking Contest finals were hosted online on Thursday, May 21st. Speeches focused on Canadians who have made a significant contribution to their field and/or the world around them. Every Grade 10 student researched, prepared and delivered a speech for their English class. The top student from each class then participated in the finals through a webinar that was watched by over 100 viewers.

The event was hosted by the Head Boy, David Pitcairn, and the Head Girl, Roselle Torres. They entertained the viewers by providing interesting facts about each speaker as they were introduced, as well as answering questions posed by the audience between speakers.

Each year, the judges, teachers and students are impressed by how the speakers deliver their speeches with confidence and poise. In particular, the unique format of presenting online to a camera rather than a live audience made the speakers’ delivery even more impressive this year. Thus, the task of judging the contest was both challenging and enjoyable. After much deliberation, the judges awarded first place to Ava Becker for her speech on Walter Allward. Ava deliberately unfolded Allward’s story, impressing all with her genuine and eloquent delivery from the point of view of Allward’s wife. Her speech balanced interesting facts with engaging anecdotes, highlighting why Allward is deserving of the title of a distinguished Canadian. The competition was quite close this year, and the judges awarded two honourable mentions, one to Emma Aitchison-Madill for her speech on Jacques Plante and the other to Kamsy Onyekere, who spoke about Carrie Best. The other finalists, in alphabetical order, were: Savanna Barker, Henry Morgentaler; Alex Bedard, Howie Mandel; Matteo Mascarin, Stephen Harper; and Aneesa Momodu, Anne Murray.

Thank you to the judges, Mrs. Suzy Hall, Mr. Doug Mann and Ms. Heather McClure, for their time and careful deliberations. As well, thank you to Mr. Myke Healy for hosting the webinar and helping make the online finals possible.

- By Ms. Barb Brough, head of English