We listen. We learn. We Act.

The terrible realities of anti-Black racism have been on display in mass and social media over the past several days. Trinity College School believes it is important to stand up in support of our Black students and community members. On Sunday, May 31st, we issued the following statement on social media.  

As a school with a diverse community of students, families, staff and alumni, it is important that we recognize the racism that continues to exist in the world today.

We must not only listen, but truly hear those who are suffering due to racism, prejudice and discrimination. But hearing is not enough; we must act to make change.

TCS is committing not only to look for opportunities, but also to create new opportunities, for Black youth to be heard and understood so change can be realized. Humankind can only succeed when each and every one of us has a voice that is equally valued and respected.   

With a belief that change must be driven directly by the student experience, as a first step, on Thursday, June 4th, the School hosted an information sharing and brainstorming session to prioritize the voices of our Black students. This was followed by emails to our broader community of students and staff to solicit input on how TCS can better support our Black students now, next year and beyond.

On Tuesday, June 9th, TCS outlined the next steps that are being taken to ensure all voices in our community are equally valued and respected.

Click here to read our community update detailing these conversations and the immediate actions the School will be taking as we commit to playing a part in fighting to end anti-Black racism for the benefit of our students, our community and society at large.