2020 TCS Big Tree Plant helps restore campus habitat

We were so grateful that the annual Trinity College School tree plant was able to go forward with some COVID-based modifications this year. Twenty-seven boarding students, cohorted into a Grade 11 group and a Grade 12 group, came out on Wednesday, October 21st to help restore a section of habitat on campus. The area, located on the south side of the Ward Street and Rose Glen Road intersection, sustained wind damage to many trees in a storm several years ago, and more recently has been used to store fill removed during Renaissance Plan construction projects.

Masked students worked to tackle the incredibly hard digging conditions and remove rocks from the area. A great deal of grit and perseverance was shown by this determined group of volunteers. White pine (the tree of Ontario) and poplar trees were tested at this site last year. As a result of their success, we broadened the diversity of species by planting more white pine, white spruce, sugar maple, hackberry and sycamore. Future plantings are planned for this site as well as planting wildflower seed.

Additional benefits of this annual tree plant include carbon absorption to help reduce climate change and increased student connection to nature, which in turn fosters mindsets that protect the environment.

Thank you to all the students and staff who participated. We hope to get the day students planting later in the year, as well as the Grade 9 and 10 students.

- By Ms. Alison Elliott, TCS environmental coordinator