Halloween in the Junior School

Hello Bears! The Junior School had a fantastic day celebrating Halloween on Friday, October 30th. Both staff and students came to school dressed in their best and most creative costumes! Students in each cohort had the opportunity to nominate classmates based on a number of categories for the whole Junior School costume contest. During our costume contest assembly, held on Friday afternoon, students from each cohort who were nominated by classmates competed against one another for prizes. The categories for costumes included “Best Group Costume,” “Scariest Costume,” “Best Homemade Costume,” “Funniest Costume” and “Best Cartoon Costume.” The students, or group of students, who got the “loudest applause” from the rest of the school were named the winners within each category. The Grade 5/6 classes also paraded around campus so that staff could all see their costumes.

Here’s what some of the Junior School students had to say about their Halloween celebrations at school:

  • “It was fun, it was cool to be outside with everyone even though it was cold.” – Henry Fisher in Grade 6
  • “This Halloween the Grade 7 classes had a lot of fun. We started off the day by voting who was going to be in the costume contest. Neala, Heather, Kennedy, Sam and Hannah all went as Holy Cows. They won the costume contest for Grade 7 West and each got a bag of treats! Later in the day we had a Thriller dance-off between Grade 7 East and West. It was pretty close, but in the end Grade 7 East won. Great job! After that Mr. Lavery taught us how to play a Zombie Tag game, and the winners were Sam, Jack, Molly, Tyson and Caden! At the end of the day, we had a lot of candy handed out by Ms. Graham and Mr. Lavery. Thank you so much to the Grade 7 homeform teachers for this awesome Halloween we are sure to remember!” – Edisana Ukpeh and Neala Swanston in Grade 7
  • “Halloween was on a Saturday this year, so we celebrated the Friday before. Instead of our regular co-curricular period, we had a costume contest. The whole Junior School gathered outside, socially-distanced of course. The categories were best group costume, best homemade, the scariest and more! But for me, the best part of the day was walking into the classroom after last recess. There were candy packages on all our desks! Some of mine were even from my friends at my old school. It was such a nice surprise, and I had a great Halloween.” – Keira Lannon in Grade 8

Thank you to everyone who helped put together this great event and to the students for participating!