Senior School houses continue spirited tradition of the Langmuir Cup

Though some of our Trinity College School practices have been forced to change this year, the spirit of many of the events has not. The Langmuir Cup and the inter-house competition continues to be a mainstay of the Senior School program. This year houses will compete in traditional categories like personal points (for meaningful school engagement), green initiatives and some school-wide competitions. However, some traditional categories have been re-imagined to meet health protocols established in concert with local public health. The new-look Langmuir Cup events include mini-challenges engaging small numbers of students planned to span the year. Indeed, students will continue to compete for their houses in weekly events and the first events have been entertaining, engaging and spirited, to be sure.

Mr. Campbell Hall led students through the first house challenge, an engineering feat. A student from each house raced to build the most massive card tower possible in five minutes, a challenge made all the more difficult as spectators peered on in the Cirne Commons. There was similar excitement for the airplane toss challenge, as students competed to fold planes for the longest flight off the Memorial Chapel's balcony. Two running events have also been front and centre as the top Oxford Cup finishers in each house were ranked for the Langmuir Cup. Similarly, sprinters also competed for their respective houses earlier this week.

Many more competitions are on the docket – faculty and staff from around the School have spent time developing events in debates, English, math, code-breaking, basketball, canoe portaging and various other activities. The premise is simple – student engagement, house competition and fun. Stay tuned for more social media posts sharing details of the events!