Staff and students show off their field hockey skills

The annual staff versus student field hockey game at Trinity College School became a test of skill this year, as the teams faced off on a series of drill-based challenges. On Wednesday, November 11th, the likes of Headmaster Stuart “Danger” Grainger, Ms. Barb “Tough” Brough and Ms. Sarah “The Hammer” Harvey faced off against students in their grade cohorts for a fun and competitive “Field Hockey Bonanza!”

The Grade 9 players challenged staff to games of “Targets and Tunes” and “Pots and Pans.” The first drill involved driving and passing the ball into a cone set-up, while the second saw teams taking shots on “goal,” which were tin pans scattered around the field. Staff bested the students in this event.

The Grade 10 players got some revenge as they beat staff in a field hockey obstacle course and relay challenge.

Staff and Grade 11 students had a real battle in their “Grid Game,” which saw a half of the field set up in a chess board patterned grid. Players had to stay within their box and make accurate passes to move the ball in an effort to earn points either by scoring goals or passing consecutively. The result was a tie!

Bragging rights hinged on the Grade 12 versus staff challenge – a Four-Square scrimmage. Players had to move the ball to one of the four corners where a teammate was stationed to receive a pass to score a point. Staff won this event to claim the Field Hockey Bonanza title with a final record of 2-1-1.

This was a fun way to wrap up the fall field hockey season, and with a little creativity, the coaches were able to design an event that respected current health and safety protocols. Thanks to Dale Heffernan in the property department for the hours he put in helping to paint the Four-Square grid!