Academic Insights: TCS Grade 10 Program

The Trinity College School staff have been so impressed with the positivity, effort and determination of the Grade 10 student body. After months of online learning and being cut off from in-person school connections last spring, the Grade 10 class has embraced being back on campus this fall. Even though things look different than what they might have envisioned for their Grade 10 year, the students have jumped right in, engaged in the programming and are making the most of this year.

Students have been adhering well to the TCS My Five health protocols, and have been diligently working in the classroom to meet the expectations of their teachers. While some changes may seem challenging or less than ideal, COVID-19 precautions have also allowed for some new initiatives and positive outcomes for our Grade 10 students.

Sports have been cohorted by grade, allowing the students to meet more of their classmates and create stronger bonds with students within their grade. Some sports have also benefitted from their first-ever co-ed seasons! Academically, this year’s four-term model means students focus on four courses at a time. This allows students to enjoy a fresh start and welcome change at the beginning of each term.

The new Wednesday structure also has many advantages for students this year. Grade 10 students are reminded to use these academic blocks wisely and take advantage of the many supports available during this time. In addition to accessing their teachers for feedback and clarification, Grade 10 students can also make appointments with the Writing Centre, conference with their peers, and take advantage of the Math Learning Centre. Furthermore, the new Wednesday schedule presents students with the opportunity to join various clubs, where they can try something new, meet new people, and perhaps even ignite a passion they may not have known they had. Additionally, the new sports schedule allows Grade 10 students to dip their feet in service or arts on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities and challenge themselves to try something they may not have had the time or the opportunity to try during previous years.

As the Grade 10 class begins Term 2, students are asked to reflect on things that worked well in Term 1 and things that they could be doing better. Students are encouraged to set new goals for this upcoming term and create an action plan to meet them. They can also look to partner with their teachers, their advisor and the academic support department to find new learning strategies that will allow them to better tackle areas of weakness and make improvements in their learning skills and achievement.

Another exciting piece of news for the Grade 10 class is that the academic support department will be re-introducing the peer-to-peer support program next week. This is an excellent opportunity for Grade 10 students to receive some support from their peers especially in challenging subject areas.

Grade 10 students are urged to step up and volunteer for upcoming competitions to help their respective houses earn points towards winning the Langmuir Cup. Recent activities have included a paper airplane challenge, sprint races and engineering the best card castle. More challenges are coming each week, including a new format for House Debates and other fun programs to inspire Grade 10 students to get out and participate!

Most importantly, Grade 10 students are reminded that the adults in the TCS community care about them and are here to help. Students should feel supported in voicing any concerns with those in their “Circle of Care” so that they can get the support they need. Advisors, housemasters, teachers, guidance counsellors, coaches and co-curricular leaders are all here to help them best navigate their Grade 10 year and make it as enjoyable and successful as possible.

- By Ms. Megan Brown, Grade 10 coordinator