Black alumni share career insights and advice

On Thursday, November 26th, the student-led Black Student Alliance (by Kamsy Onyekere, Bolu Abiola and Rati Dube; facilitated by Ms. Zoe Walwyn) held their first Black Alumni Career Night. The purpose of this night was to inspire Black students at Trinity College School with the amazing work that Black alumni are currently doing, and their pathways to success. The Black alumni that came to this online event were Temilola Sobowale ’04, Olamide Sobowale ’01, Jessica Eruchalu ’16, Tiffany McDonald ’08, Danielle Walwyn ’11 and Akin Sobowale ’09. This hour-and-a-half event was filled with advice on post-secondary pursuits, advice on how to deal with high expectations, and how to follow your dreams despite push back from outside sources. The panel went on to share their struggles as Black professionals and post-secondary students in a society that is set up against Black folks.

They spoke on the importance of keeping organized documentation of your achievement especially with the current climate of the workforce where people may underestimate your abilities. They also touched on how to advocate for one’s self in the workplace where there can be bias, as well as and the importance of building connections and seeking mentorships. One of the biggest takeaways from the night was the art of picking your battles and the importance of carrying yourself with grace and respect in the face of racism.

Overall the night was filled with laughter, good advice, and a lot of useful life lessons. To leave you with a quote: Jessica Eruchalu said, “Teach them how to treat you by showing them.”

The Black Student Alliance looks to create more spaces and places to inspire Black students at Trinity College School.

- By Kamsy Onyekere, Grade 11 student