Prefects bring the fun with “Themed Thursdays”

Throughout the months of October, November and December, Trinity College School’s prefects have been helping to bring some sunshine to these colder days with weekly “Themed Thursday” events. Senior School students are encouraged to wear clothing based on the theme, while the prefects plan fun treats to distribute after classes.

To ward off the impending winter weather, “Summer Vacay” day took place on October 22nd, with bright colours and tropical shirts seen around campus. This was followed by “Pajama Day” on November 5th; then a chance to wear a favourite sports team’s jersey or colours on November 19th; a day of monochrome clothing on November 26th; and Christmas-themed clothing or colours on December 2nd. This week, the prefects are wrapping up 2020 with “Flannels and Flapjacks” day.

In addition to the chance to don some interesting outfits, many of the themed days included special treats distributed by the prefects to each grade cohort after classes. There was ice cream on summer vacay day, hot chocolate to drink in your pajamas, bags of popcorn for sports day, chips on monochrome day and candy canes to go with the Christmas theme. “Flannels and Flapjacks” day includes delicious waffles served at lunch by the culinary services team.

Thank you to our prefects for inspiring everyone to have some fun with their wardrobe during the winter months. We’re looking forward to more Themed Thursdays in the new year!