TCS drama class takes part in international theatre program

As we embark on this journey of exploring Grade 12 Drama, there is excitement in the air. Trinity College School and the Grade 12 Drama class, under the direction of Mr. Bill Walker, have been invited to participate in an exploration of a new play, sponsored and guided by the National Theatre U.K. The program is known as Connections 2021.

Each year, under the guidance of the National Theatre, 10 new plays for young people to perform are commissioned, bringing together some of the U.K.’s most exciting writers with the theatre-makers of tomorrow. Approximately 300 youth theatre companies from around the U.K. and internationally, including Trinity College School, will produce their own unique interpretations of an original play. Companies are also partnered with various professional companies around the U.K. Connections 2021 is mindful of the restrictions of COVID-19 and youth theatre companies have been encouraged to find inventive ways of producing their plays.

Between November 11th and 15th, Mr. Walker, head of the arts department and director of the School’s production, participated in a Directors Workshop exploring a vast variety of subject areas including “How to be Inventive When Working within a Digital Environment,” a master class in “Directing Young Performers,” and “World Building Through Movement.” The culminating workshop provided a unique and interactive discussion with teachers from around the U.K. and the playwright of Witches Can’t Be Burned which will be the focus of the Grade 12 exploration at TCS. The play, written by Silva Semerciyan, challenges stereotypical representations of girls and women in theatre and literature.

We are hopeful that a wonderful partnership and collaboration for both students and educators alike will provide a very unique and special opportunity to our students. Let the exploration begin!