Bickle, Hodgetts, Wright and Burns headed to House Debate finals

Debating the resolution that “public policy must draw on science alone,” four Senior (Grade 11/12) teams and four Junior (Grade 9/10) teams participated in this semi-final round of Trinity College School’s House Debates program on Tuesday, January 2nd:

  • Hodgetts (for) and Orchard (against)
  • Bickle (for) and Rigby (against)
  • Burns (for) and Scott (against) 
  • Brent (for) and Wright (against)

Judges – from both the natural sciences and the social sciences – reported that teams were well-prepared, presenting strong arguments as well as evidence of quality research. Intriguingly, significant time was spent debating what science is, discussing whether “science” can include the social sciences (or not) and how general society understands the nature of science. It was special to see so much teamwork among debaters – with some debaters bridging in and others on-campus. The same among audience members and facilitators! With true TCS flair, everyone made an effort to ensure all participants were comfortable and included.

Congrats to Michael Yip and Wesley Chan of Bickle House, the top Senior team of the day. 

Congrats to Marie-Anne Urrutia and Eleanor Harvey of Wright House, the top Junior team of the day.

Disagreeing with the resolution, the School voted overwhelmingly that public policy should not draw on science alone.

At the finals, to be held in April, Senior houses Bickle and Hodgetts will compete for the Tom Lawson House Debate Trophy. Junior houses Wright and Burns will compete for the Dr. Michael T. DuBroy Junior House Debate Trophy! 

- By Dr. Andrew Woodward, debate coordinator