Bad Auditions… On Camera lets audiences decide “who gets the role”

A talented cast and crew gave everyone a dose of much-needed laughter as Trinity College School presented the virtual production of Bad Auditions… On Camera, which was released via video on February 4th.

The play, written by Ian McWethy and Carrie McCrossen, was created specifically to be produced online, making it a perfect vehicle to bring together cast and members working on-campus and online, and audiences at home around the world. Directed by Bill Walker, Grade 12 student Isabella Ciano served as co-director, and Victor Svenningson ’74 provided technical direction.

Bad Auditions… On Camera is the story of a harried casting director (Kyle Munns) searching for a last-minute replacement actor to play a lawyer in a hit television crime drama. He’s got one day to fill the role, lest he get fired and have to move back to Arizona to live with his mother. He’s helped by his enthusiastic but easily-distracted assistant, Roger (Evelyn Maguire). The string of wannabe actors includes: Gina Marie (Sarah Bailey), a Staten Island mom who spends most of the audition trying to stop her child from burning down the house; stage actor Kellin (Quinlyn Bright), who puts the “ham” in Hamlet; barely audible Tandy (Ava Becker); overconfident and TV-obsessed Jeff (Bria Chalovich); social media maven Carmen (Valentina Conrad), trying to stay “on brand”; Greg (Ross Miller), who just can’t stay in the frame; Wendy (Sophia Bonham-Carter), the commercial actor who doesn’t want to “sell out” by doing dramatic TV; insecure and apologetic Phyllis (Camryn Chalovich); strangely over-dressed Rory (Carly Lin); Roger’s own technologically-challenged dad, Tom (Zoe Fingas); and the talented but exhausted Uma (Grace Johnson).

Spoiler alert: Roger has been live-streaming the auditions and leaves it up to the audience to decide who should get the role. So tell us, who is the best choice to play the part?