Warm hearts and smiles as TCS celebrates Valentine’s Day

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, the Trinity College School community found ways to “share the love” through events and initiatives around campus.

The evenings of February 9th and 10th, Senior School prefects organized “My Prefect Valentine” which was a take on the traditional “Date Night” event held in the past, but tailored to the current restrictions by taking place in grade cohorts. Each night, two prefect hosts asked participants questions to see if they could match the responses of four prefect “valentines.” The last contestant standing won special prizes such as coupons for Starbucks delivery and chocolate roses. A raffle was also held for a large gift basket. In between contests, the prefects shared jokes and led Just Dance contests, as well as giving prizes for the “best dressed.” The prefects said, “We really enjoyed running the event on both days and we feel like it gave us an opportunity to bond with each grade separately. The atmosphere made everyone feel like it was a normal year and that the usual TCS spirit was brought back.”

Throughout the week, the Senior School library offered a selection of books with red covers that might entice students and staff to curl up with a good read over the Family Day weekend. And encouraging messages written on paper hearts brightened up the academic support space.

Finally, Thursday, February 11th was a “wear red” themed day which celebrated both Valentine’s and the Lunar New Year. At lunchtime, the TCS Parents’ Guild arranged for all Junior and Senior School students to receive a sweet treat – cake pops! Thank you to the guild for making this a special day and putting smiles on students’ faces.