Students are “all aboard” for March Madness fun!

Since the beginning of the month, Trinity College School staff and students have been putting their all into organizing a wealth of events and initiatives to keep community spirit high!

March Madness began with events that will run throughout the month, including the weekly fitness challenges, a clothing drive and “March Book Madness,” which pits favourite children’s picture books against one another for votes in a tightly contested bracket.

In the Junior School, the opening week of events concluded on March 5th with Winter Olympics. Students and staff headed outside to rotate through a series of six group activities, including Chuck the Chicken, Beach Ball Bash, Cross the River, Frisbee Golf, Egg and Spoon Race and a “Group Skip” challenge. The day finished off with a snack station that included hot chocolate. There are many fun events still to come, with the Junior School preparing a fantastic St. Patrick’s Day celebration, as well as more themed clothing days this month.

In the Senior School, March 3rd saw a fun round of House Dodgeball, followed by a “Funky Dress” Themed Thursday that saw students donning crazy patterns and colours. The second week of events included a “Tacky Tourist” clothing day, and “Hit the Slopes” Themed Thursday in conjunction with Trinity Environmental Action Club’s annual Polar Bear Day, where students were encouraged to wear warm sweaters. As well, students took part in House Beach Volleyball, a “March Music Madness” voting bracket that had students picking their favourite songs, and for our online learners, a photo competition. As Senior School students prepared to head out for the long weekend, they had the chance to enjoy music in their grade-based hangout areas.

On March 9th, students and staff were greeted with a surprise initiative as the communications team placed gift cards around campus and brought smiles to the faces of those who were lucky enough to come upon a card! There was also a draw for our online learners, with five students receiving e-gift cards. Winners were encouraged to “Pay it Forward” by doing something kind during the day such as helping someone out or offering a compliment or kind word.

March Madness is off to an amazing start, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!