Wright and Hodgetts win House Debate trophies

Since 1984, Senior School students at Trinity College School have explored and enhanced their skills in the medium of debate through the annual House Debates program. This year, the 38th edition of House Debates, was special in that new formats were introduced in response to COVID-19 restrictions, allowing for greater audience participation and facilitating a mix of in-person and online participation during the preliminary and semi-final rounds.

On Monday, March 15th, the House Debates program came to a fitting conclusion with the Junior and Senior finals, livestreamed online for students, staff and parents to watch. The resolution for both debates was that “the internet sustains democracy”; a sign that the debates would be hotly contested, a poll on this issue showed that the school community was deeply divided (37% in favour, 53% against, and the remainder undecided).

In the Junior division, Izzy Torzsas and Carmella Ylagan of Burns House faced Marie-Anne Urrutia and Eleanor Harvey of Wright House. After a great round of thoughtful debate, the judges – Ms. Kathy LaBranche, Ms. Barb Brough and Dr. Greg Hodges – gave top honours and the Dr. Michael T. DuBroy Junior House Debate Trophy to Wright House.

In the Senior division, Michael Yip and Wesley Chan of Bickle House faced Kyle Munns and Salem Elfirjani of Hodgetts House, a strong contest between some of the School’s most experienced debaters. The judges – Ms. Pam Dew, Mr. Greg MacPherson and Mr. Myke Healy – awarded the Tom Lawson Senior House Debate Trophy to Hodgetts House.

Thank you to our student facilitators, Merryn Hamilton and Riley Christensen, and to Ms. Kim Vojnov and Mr. Myke Healy for helping out with set-up and keeping things running smoothly!

Well done to all! This year’s House Debates program was certainly one for the memories!

- By Dr. Andrew Woodward and Ms. Steph Feddery, debate coordinators