Student groups work together to create pronoun button initiative

Two of Trinity College School’s clubs – Trinity Students for Social Justice (TSSJ) and the Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) – collectively organized the making of personal pronoun buttons for students and staff recently. This student-led initiative was conceived as a means of standing up for others and helping our school community become more inclusive.

The buttons are a way to encourage the correct use of pronouns. For many people, pronouns (such as he/him, she/her or they/them) are an important part of their gender identity. For others, the buttons are a visible sign of their support for a culture of respect for all gender identities.

Students surveyed the School, asking for those interested in taking part to share their personal pronouns for display on their button. Then, a dedicated group of students set about creating the buttons and making them available for others to pick up.

Thank you to the students of the TSSJ and GSA for leading this initiative. And thank you to library staff, Ms. Viola Lyons, Ms. Shelagh Straughan and Ms. Holly Barclay, for their support and for use of the Senior School library space.