AP Capstone students present year-long research projects

Students in the Advanced Placement (AP) Research course presented the results of their year-long projects during an online showcase, April 26th and 27th. The AP Research course is part of the AP Capstone Diploma, a two-year program of study for Grade 11 and 12 students that focuses on critical thinking, collaborative problem solving and research skills in a cross-curricular context.

Since September, under the mentorship of faculty members Barb Brough and Shelagh Straughan, the AP Research students have developed a research question, implemented an appropriate inquiry methodology, conducted an in-depth study on their topic, and composed a 5,000 word research paper.

The presentation and oral defense represented the culmination of the students’ efforts. Twelve students presented their work over the course of two evenings:

  • Alex Northey: A Hard Day’s Night: Optimizing Productivity of Arabidopsis Thaliana in Hydroponic Systems
  • Allie Riihiluoma: The Effects of Television on Pretend Play Activity in Children (aged 2-7)
  • Ayo Eyesan: Antidepressants and Lo-fi: An Alternative Treatment Plan for Major Depression
  • Carly Lin: Effects of Culture and Gender on Adolescents’ Emotional Expression
  • Emile Hameury: The Awareness of Canadian Citizens Concerning ISIS Cyber Recruitment on Social Media
  • Evelyn Maguire: Canadian Adolescents’ Perceptions of Politics
  • Jasleen Billing: The Role of Advertisements in Destigmatizing ADHD
  • Kyle Munns: Theatre for ALL: ESL Pedagogy for Drama Classrooms
  • Ty Gadbois: Warming Up & Athletic Performance
  • Vanessa Lolomari: The Use of Unethical Imagery by NGOs
  • Zoe Fingas: Homelessness and Community
  • Fiona Miller: The Creation and Implementation of Hydro-electric Boats in Muskoka 

Congratulations to all of the students for the hard work and dedication they have displayed during the many months of their research. Thank you to those who joined us for the presentations, and special thanks to Mr. Myke Healy for helping to host the webinar.